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Each person had moments when he sat down and thought about the topic of friendship. I could not understand why communication with this or that person was interrupted. After all, we were so tightly friends, and now we don’t even communicate. This is a completely normal process, since friendship goes through a certain development cycle. If you understand these loops, you can understand why it is so difficult to maintain a friendship.


At this stage, two people have a mutual interest and they exchange their energy. The main condition at this stage is equal energy exchange. You get pleasure and positive emotions from friendly communication. You love your new friend because it’s easy and fun to be with.


Here you no longer strive to be better than you really are, and open your true “I”. Emotions subside, you begin to build your boundaries. The first quarrels and resentments appear. At this stage, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I satisfied with the current relationship?

  2. What exactly do I dislike?

  3. Do I feel hurt or cheated?

  4. Am I willing to put up with my new friend’s shortcomings?

  5. Do I have a desire to continue to communicate with him?

Don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t suit you. Clarify incomprehensible moments for you. Don’t let too much, pay attention to the bells in your head. Try to discuss important things over the phone or face to face. This way you will not have a misunderstanding.


After overcoming the conflict, you get to know each other better. There is an understanding and respect for differences in value orientations, character traits, etc. Re-establishing equal energy exchange. You become closer and dearer to each other. You have joint adventures, you start spending more time together.


In addition to having fun and pleasant communication, you want to create something together. At this stage, many have a joint business, a new project or some kind of common cause. Errors, conflicts, mistrust, etc. await you here. How you handle this is up to you.


The main stages are over, you are grateful to each other for everything you had. Recollect as it was before. Your friendship develops and grows stronger. The cycle of developing friendly relations is coming to an end.

How to understand that it’s time to end the friendship?

If you feel like you need to make an effort to communicate with your friend. You avoid meeting or vice versa a friend does it. You are no longer on the same wavelength. You now have different interests and aspirations. When you meet, you feel very bored, irritated. All of these signs indicate that it is time to end the friendship.

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