16 personality types in socionics

Socionics identifies 16 personality types and all these types are divided into 4 dichotomies:

  1. Logic is ethics;

  2. Intuition – sensing;

  3. Rationality is irrationality;

  4. Extraversion – Introversion.

With the help of these dichotomies, pronounced characteristics of people are determined. The presented dichotomies are distributed by quadra. Each quadra has its own atmosphere. For example, gullibility, a sense of humor and sexuality. Now, let s take a closer look at each personality type.

How were aliases formed?

Aushra studied biographies of historical figures and correlated dichotomies to their person. Since at that time the literature was not so popular and accessible, many descriptions do not correspond to the characteristics of famous personalities. Therefore, the Institute of Socionics is currently conducting research and adjusting the final results.

16 personality types

Don Quixote

For those who are dominated by this type, they do an excellent job with solving strategic problems. Not lost when unexpected problems occur. Has a positive attitude towards change. Able to interest and convince subordinates, earns respect from the outside.


A personality of this type is sociable, friendly towards others. This person is sincerely interested in other people and is ready to help them if necessary. He successfully copes with tactical tasks. Such people are always aware of all new events, so they know who and how to push.


This type is energetic, adventurous and willing to take risks. The soul of the company, a dreamer and a lover of bragging. If he sees a benefit in some business, then he will certainly start to work, does not postpone them for later. At the workplace, he tries to create a friendly atmosphere in the team. Identifies himself with the organization and is able to survive its failures, rejoices in the situation of victories.


A person of this type is a little emotional, balanced, calm. Lives according to his interests and rules, has few friends. Skillfully solves strategic tasks. He can give in on small issues, without any problems he finds an approach to people.


This personality is capable of unexpected emotional outbursts. He can ignite and inspire other people. He successfully manages to solve strategic tasks. Negatively refers to events that disrupt his plans. Able to take a leadership position. In the management of subordinates, she can experiment with various methods of influence.

Maksim Gorky

The main characteristics of this type are discipline, a tendency towards accuracy and order. This is a man of his word, he promised – then he will definitely do it. This is a strong-willed and domineering person who achieves his goal through patience and consistency. Suspicious of everything new and distrustful of innovation.


This is a strong-willed and self-confident person. He is not afraid of danger and risk. Zhukov is sociable and tries to make useful contacts. He is inclined towards leadership and has a need to control and manage people. Is critical of people who do not monitor their physical condition, are insecure and shy.


A very sensitive psychotype. He does not live in the present, as he constantly thinks about the past or the future. Negative about change. Needs a gentle and benevolent attitude. If they are rude to him, he is able to withdraw into himself. Constantly looking for the source of danger to prevent it.


This is a strong-willed type who knows how to manipulate other people. Can easily adapt to any social environment and gain confidence. Their status is very important to such people, so they strive to climb the career ladder. Does not tolerate criticism.


Personality of this type can be characterized as cold-blooded and phlegmatic. These are serious people who are in no hurry to take action until the benefit is on their side. Thinking is critical, it always sees flaws, omissions and flaws. He tries not to waste his energy on unnecessary actions, therefore, he is active only where he sees a benefit.

Jack London

This type easily enters into communication and is doing well with humor. He is an energetic, cheerful and pragmatic person. He perceives his career as a game in which winning is important. Knows how to take risks and is open to everything new. He takes difficulties calmly, because he knows that without them there is nowhere.


This type has a negative attitude towards people who violate norms and orders. She pays special attention to her knowledge, skills and abilities. Often he underestimates himself, so he avoids responsibility, or shares it with someone. It takes a long time to make decisions in difficult situations.


These are people who, like order, are very demanding of themselves and others, hardworking. Work is his meaning in life, so he is inclined to give it a lot of strength and energy. Knows how to analyze information and filter it. Adhere to and respect traditional values. Keeps his promises, is often late at work, is efficient and punctual.


A personality of this type is specific and restrained. He is worried about moral problems and he is humane to other people. Perfectly solves strategic tasks. He is well versed in people and sees their strengths and weaknesses. Needs a warm and supportive atmosphere for productive work.


Such a person is very active and inconsistent. Does a good job only when he is interested in it. The rest of the time he does work out of hand. Interested in the protection and interests of employees. Can win over people, defuse a tense situation.


This man is a master of his craft. He devotes a lot of time to the development of skills, the search for new knowledge. He tries to create an atmosphere at work in which it would be comfortable to complete tasks. This personality, when working, takes into account human needs and as a result, a unique product is obtained.

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