A few rules for conscious consumption

Thanks to the technological revolution, we can afford much more than our parents, for example. After all, before, clothes, food, and other necessary goods were made by hand. Therefore, they had a high price, which corresponded to the quality. Previously, before buying a product, people tried to consciously approach it.

Currently, we have factories, various automatic production facilities, scientists have developed cheaper materials. Today, store shelves have a wide range of products ranging from low to high prices. People are accustomed to the rapid consumption of goods. They are ready to take cheap and low-quality things, but they are new. Plus, this is not a reasonable consumption, the mod has connected. Which dictates to us the trends of the season. But despite the fact that unreasonable consumption is costly for the planet, they still continue to do it.

If you want to be responsible for your consumer behavior, the planet – then this article is addressed to you! In it, we will reflect the basic rules, adhering to which, you can make a great contribution to the protection of the environment.

Hand over things for recycling

Everyone has already heard about plastic, paper and glass more than once. Therefore, we will not focus on this. For many people, the question arises when it is necessary to get rid of unnecessary things. Someone gets out of this situation, giving things a second life. Either they restore them, or come up with a different application.

But if this does not appeal to you, then there are already several stores that accept things for recycling. At the same time, you can get a discount coupon for your old things. We did a useful job, plus we got a discount. You just need to find out where such points are located in your city.

In winter, in large cities, reception points for old trees are organized. In order not to throw the used tree in the trash, you can take it to one of these points. Auto centers collect and dispose of old cars, service centers accept non-working equipment.

Discard plastic bags

Grocery stores have eco bags that can be used multiple times. Many people buy shopping bags because they are easy to use. These bags are durable, comfortable, roomy and can serve you for a long time. For convenience, you can put them in the car to take with you when you go shopping or in your own everyday bag, backpack.

Take things for rent

Do you need to hang a baguette? You don t have to buy a new drill for this. Borrow it from someone you know or rent. After use, you can give it to the owner and you will not have to look for a place in the house for a new drill. And so it works with many things: a wedding dress, a car, books, etc.

Take advantage of things

During your next cleaning session, you found a coffee grinder that you haven t used for a long time, but it is in good condition. There is a way out, post an ad for its sale, exchange a coffee grinder with friends for something more interesting. There is no need to wait for the moment when this thing will not be in demand and you will have to get rid of it.

Save light

Use energy-saving bulbs in your home, they are more expensive, but they last much longer. Turn off the lights in those rooms where you do not plan to be, do not leave laptops, phones, and other gadgets turned on at sockets at night.

Bet on quality, not quantity

Buy better quality things that can serve you for more than one season. It will be more practical, more convenient and will not hit your wallet hard. Remember that fashion items are unreasonably expensive and not always comfortable to wear. Take care of your comfort and health.

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Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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