Back to school: how to tune in to school after vacation

September, for many schoolchildren, this month symbolizes the beginning of a difficult time, namely the appearance of stress, a change in the usual summer regime, and constant stress. How to go from vacation to study without regret? Is it possible to painlessly get out of a relaxed state? Is there an opportunity to successfully integrate into the learning process? We will tell you more about these points in our article!

Repetition of school material

Now school teachers, trying to keep up with the school curriculum, from the first days inundate children with new material, not paying attention to repetition of what was learned. Therefore, from the very first days of school, children already begin to panic, anxiety and misunderstanding.

To help your child be prepared for this outcome, start reviewing the material with him a couple of weeks before starting school. For children up to grade 7, parents should independently review the passed program to highlight important points in it, draw up a test test and give it to the child. Then check and pay special attention to those materials where the child made mistakes.

To repeat the material, an hour and a half a day will be enough. It is also worth agreeing with an adult child that they spend an hour a day to review the school program.

Buying school supplies

This has always motivated children to study. For this procedure to be successful and bear fruit, allow the child to independently choose notebooks, knapsack, pens, etc. This process will help you realize that your studies are about to begin.

Sign up for additional classes

Many parents do not realize how difficult it is to reorganize from rest to study, therefore, in addition to school activities, they enroll their children in additional sections, tutoring, etc.

This approach can unsettle the child, drive him into apathy or cause anxiety. Therefore, you should not rush with additional activities, they can gradually be included in the child s schedule. For example, in two weeks, the child will get used to the school routine.

Remember to rest

Children simply need rest, therefore, when making up the child s day regimen, this must be remembered. At school, these are small breaks, where the child can breathe a sigh of relief and tune in to the next lesson. At home, the child also needs rest. Determine when the child can rest. This will be right after you get home from school, or in between homework.

Express your calmness

The mistake of many parents is that with the beginning of the school year they begin to worry more than their child. And the fluids of stress spread throughout the house, then the child intercepts their behavior, thoughts about the beginning of the new school year.

Be calm and friendly with your child. Ask for his opinion, desire. Support him if necessary. With this approach, getting into school life will be much easier for both you and your child.

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