Best books on male psychology for women, an overview with a description

Some men easily make acquaintance with women, build strong relationships with them. In reality, finding the necessary points of contact with members of the opposite sex is quite difficult. The psychology of men considers books about the intricacies of the female soul to be one of the important aspects of communication with the chosen one. Women who want to know better the subject of their passion are also interested in the corresponding literature. Books on male psychology tell in detail about the feelings and intentions of the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

A book on male psychology by Robert Alex Johnson

The work “He: The Deep Aspects of Male Psychology” was written by the successor of the teachings of Jung. The book on male psychology is based on the myth of Parzival. The work is an interpretation of an old story about the formation of a young knight. In the book you can see a large number of sayings from the Bible, special symbols. Robert Alex Johnson managed to analyze in detail the psyche of the stronger sex. Particular attention in the book on the psychology of men is paid to the role of the chosen one in the life of a partner.

Steve Harvey s experience

Books about male psychology can give an idea of ​​the reasons why the chosen one does not dare to propose to a woman. Steve Harvey s advice, available for reading in You Know Nothing About Men, helps girls get married and maintain family happiness for years to come.

“A book about tasty and healthy relationships. How can you prepare friendship, love and understanding “

In the book on the psychology of men for women, there is a recommendation to approach the complexity of building relationships as to drawing up a daily menu. A man who cares about his health refuses to use harmful products. Relationships with others must be approached with the same yardstick. A man needs to maintain relationships only with women who radiate positive. Ladies who constantly provoke the emergence of serious conflicts, it is better to try to bypass the party.

When building relationships with others, you need to be guided by a rational approach. Then in the social circle of a man will be exclusively “right” people, which will help make his life measured and full of happy events.

“Features of the female psyche. Reflections of a psychiatrist “

There are also books on female psychology for men. The author of this work has extensive experience in a psychiatric clinic. He knows everything about the “secret nooks” of the female soul. Pavel Rumyantsev is well aware of the differences between a serious mental illness and a pronounced personality.

An experienced specialist identified several basic personality types of female representatives. The work explains the hidden motives of their actions. The author of the book on female psychology for men pays great attention to the special, key, moments in the life of any woman, like the birth of a child and pregnancy. Such events in some cases have a negative impact on the emotional background of the mother.

Barbara de Angelis in the book “Secrets about women that every man should know” managed to talk about the reasons for the difficulty in communication between spouses. Thanks to this book, a married couple will learn to overcome various conflicts, build warm relationships with each other.

“Female wisdom and male logic. War of the sexes or the principle of complementarity? “

The book on male psychology portrays the two sexes as two radically different creatures. They endlessly try to prove to their chosen ones their superiority and a more subtle mind. But the main desire of both belligerents is to gain a strong and deep feeling. According to Igor Kalinauskas, women and men should not fight at all. They are designed to be a harmonious complement to each other.

A book on male psychology for a woman by Humphrey Hunter

A book on male psychology for women called “Men: X-Files” allows you to analyze the main motives of the behavior of single men, their way of thinking. In the print edition there are many stories that happened to its author in his own life. There is a lot of humor in this interesting book. The work is intended to shed light on the mystery of some of the actions of men.

Best books on male psychology for women, an overview with a description

“Under the shadow of Saturn. Male mental trauma and their healing “

In the book about the psychology of men, a lot of space is given to emotional experiences and methods of returning to the usual rhythm of life. Quite a lot of space is allocated in the book to comments from the author s own experience. According to James Hollis, the work, which contains much intimate, is most understandable to a wide audience. The book clearly explains the origins of many complexes in men.

“The woman is snapped up. How to Meet and Seduce Men “from the author Elena Gamayun

The book, written by a sophisticated woman s pickup truck, can be considered self-confidence training for unsure girls. The pages of a fascinating work tell about the intricacies of seducing a partner, building a long-term relationship with him.

At the same time, Elena warns women that not every chosen one will be able to create a strong family. The book understands better to understand all facets of the character of the chosen one, his needs for sex life, the lover s addictions in everyday life.

“Rules. How to Marry the Man of Your Dreams “

The recommendations in this book have been quoted in many expensive glossy magazines. According to the publication “People”, this work belongs to the category “must-read”. The recommendations that can be seen in this bestseller have helped many famous personalities to find the desired family happiness, having won the heart of the chosen one.

If a woman wants to create a strong family, she should not deviate from the recommendations of this book. Each of the tips in the bestselling book can be called universal. It can be “tried on” for any situation. The main recommendation of the work is that in order to build harmonious relations, the interest of both partners is necessary.

The benefits of psychological works

The best minds of mankind have been trying to figure out the intricacies of relationships between the opposite sex for several thousand years. During this time, a huge number of talented works have appeared, which describe the subtleties of the character of representatives of opposite sexes.

Books on male psychology can be food for serious thought. Thanks to them, many unpleasant actions of a strong half of humanity, in fact, turn out to be just a consequence of internal mental complexes.

Best books on male psychology for women, an overview with a description

Literature on psychology pursues a variety of goals: a happy marriage, building relationships in the family, knowledge of the secret sides of a lover s character. A rich arsenal of knowledge helps to solve many problems of interested readers. If the information presented in the books is not enough to change the current state of affairs, it is worth consulting with an experienced psychologist.

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