Best books on the psychology of communication with people

People are forced to communicate every day. At the same time, not all interlocutors have a balanced character and know how to give in. Therefore, conflicts often appear, which can be very problematic to prevent. They negatively affect the quality of the conversation. There is a special psychology of communication, books on which help to improve relationships between people.

Top books on the psychology of communication

The rules of communication are easy to master on your own. For this, it is recommended to use books about the psychology of communication with people. Most often, qualified psychologists are engaged in writing such literature. They have been studying interpersonal and communication issues for many years.

This kind of literature on communication psychology really helps. That is why she is so popular. Communication books have stood the test of time. At the same time, they did not get lost among other genres, but became real bestsellers.

People can choose different works based on the problems that concern them. At the same time, in each book it is possible to find interesting and useful information that may come in handy at a certain time.

S. Deryabo “Grandmaster of Communication”

This book shows you how to talk. It helps to build a conversation so that others believe in the weight of words. The book is well illustrated. It contains many examples and explanations available.

S. Deryabo describes the most significant communication problems. The book on the psychology of communication with people lists questions that are considered unique. They cannot be found in other literature. After studying this book, you will be able to find it easier to establish contacts with others, be able to listen to them and even interpret facial expressions and gestures.

L. Lefever “The Art of Explaining. How to make everyone understand you perfectly “

In conversation, people are often forced to explain what they think. This is sometimes difficult to implement. The work of this author helps to learn to communicate in an accessible way.

Lee Lefever helps to understand what an explanation is. At the same time, he notes what is the essence of this term, and what cannot be called by it. The tips in the book help to attract people s attention and interest in a particular issue. Literature teaches people to express their thoughts accurately in conversation. It contains many examples, so reading will be easy and enjoyable.

K. Pryor “Don t growl at the dog!”

Karen Pryor claims that her work is dedicated to the training of animals and people. With its help, you will be able to improve your personality. The main idea of ​​the work is the need for positive reinforcement.

In a conversation with people, you should use praise, gifts. You should definitely pay compliments to your interlocutors. This makes it possible to quickly obtain the required results. Not everyone will like the methods that the author uses to train pets. But in the end, they help to achieve an impeccable upbringing.

J. Borg “Secrets of Communication. The magic of the word “

To improve your professional results and succeed in business, it is recommended to be able to choose the right words. The most common phrases help to work miracles. At the same time, it is recommended to know certain words that help to have a magical effect on the interlocutors.

The book teaches you to formulate thoughts and helps to move from a meaningless conversation to a serious conversation. The recommendations that are described in the book help to significantly improve communication skills. This is the best book on the psychology of communication with people.

Best books on the psychology of communication with people

M. Rhodes “How to Talk to Anyone”

This book on the psychology of communication helps you get rid of fear when talking to strangers. Rhodes helps people overcome their indecision. It helps you learn not to be afraid of the opinions of others and to treat criticism in your own address normally.

The writer argues that even before the conversation begins, it is recommended to decide on the desired result. During a conversation, it is worth analyzing the emotions of the interlocutor and following the logic of the conversation.

It is not recommended to talk a lot on general topics. At the same time, you should not speak too quickly or use words that are incomprehensible to the interlocutors. When communicating, it is recommended to remain confident and focus on positive results.

B. Tracy, R. Arden “The Power of Charm. How to win hearts and achieve success “

This work helps to achieve understanding of others and become successful in different areas of life. At the same time, you should remain a pleasant and polite interlocutor. The result of any conversation depends on the ability to please people.

Internally beautiful people who know how to charm are able to open different doors. They easily gain the trust of other people, especially since without it it is impossible to achieve the required results. This is one of the best books on communication psychology.

J. Herring “The Art of Controversy. How to discuss energetically, convincingly, confidently “

Everyone wants to win an argument. To get great results, read this book on the psychology of communication. With its help, you can learn to present your thoughts to the interlocutor so that he believes in the truthfulness of the information.

In a dispute, a person who is able to give arguments in his words and correctly present evidence can win. The author gives in his work 10 golden rules of discussion. People who adhere to these recommendations are able to get the desired result in any dispute. It should be borne in mind that it is recommended to start preparing for the discussion in advance.

The author advises against constantly debating. If there are no significant arguments, it is better not to enter into the discussion. During a dispute, it is recommended that all arguments be presented succinctly, clearly and confidently. If your goal is to make a positive impression on others, you should include jokes in your speech. At the same time, it is recommended to conduct the dispute in such a way as to maintain good relations with your opponent.

G. Kennedy “You Can Agree On Anything”

This book on the psychology of communication is essential for every negotiator. It reveals the basic principles of the negotiation process. To get the desired effect, it is recommended to timely identify the person s cunning tricks and learn to stand your ground.

This book is intended for people who are often forced to negotiate. At the end of the work, tests are presented. Thanks to the answers to the questions, it will be possible to determine how well the person understood the information and how he learned to use it.

J. Camp “Say No First”

At the very beginning of his work, D. Camp recommends readers not to believe the well-known negotiation technique. It s called win-win. This technique is just a gimmick. It is used by experienced negotiators who want to achieve certain goals.

The author does not advise you to immediately agree to the terms suggested by the interlocutor. First, he advises to say “no” to the interlocutor. No compromise should be made in any negotiation. The ideal option is a conversation that helped to achieve the effect with the help of the intellect, not the heart.

D. Camp, in his book on psychology, how to communicate with people, recommends that readers observe a special system of negotiations. It helps you learn to focus on goals rather than results that you can t influence.

According to the writer, emotions always take part in a negotiation conversation. It is possible to eliminate them only after the conclusion of the contract. At this stage, intelligence is turned on, which helps to analyze the signed contract and calculate its profitability.

In particular, emotions are captured after the said word “yes”. If you want to understand what you will face, you should first say “no”. In this case, the interlocutor will have to make a lot of effort to prove the advantages of his proposal. As a result, the winner will be the one who will be able to understand the issue in detail and sign the most beneficial contract for himself.

Best books on the psychology of communication with people

M. Clayton “How to speak to be listened to”

This book helps you learn how to draw attention to words. If a person is not familiar with the principles of communication, it can be very problematic to achieve such an effect. M. Clayton demonstrates how to establish contact from the beginning of the conversation.

M. Clayton is considered to be a popular specialist in public speaking. He has information on how to hook his interlocutors. His work is considered a true collection of valuable advice.

The author argues that many factors influence the success of communication. One of them is the right choice of clothing. It is important that things fit perfectly, are clean and ironed. During the conversation, it is recommended to smile and behave extremely at ease. You should definitely pay compliments to your interlocutors.

Establishing eye contact with others is also important. Moreover, if a person is not able to endure a long look, it is better to interrupt it.

It is not difficult to read books on the psychology of communication with people online for free. They will be able to find information on issues of interest. Literature helps prepare for business negotiations. Books on the psychology of communication with people can help improve bad relationships or learn the art of leading a discussion. Moreover, no theory is possible without practical support. If you do not apply knowledge immediately, there is a risk of forgetting everything you read.

At the same time, people are not always able to adhere to the recommendations given in the relevant literature. The abundance of knowledge does not help a person achieve good results if he does not understand how to apply them.

In such a situation, it is worth contacting a professional psychotherapist. He will offer special classes or trainings that will teach you to do the right thing and use the knowledge gained in specific situations. At the same time, clients of psychologists often have to participate in various experiments. This can be a role-playing game in which the person will be asked to enter into a discussion or start negotiations.

Books on the psychology of communication are of practical use. Such literature helps to master communication skills and improve relationships with people around. She also helps to master the art of negotiation and achieve heights in the professional field.

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