Career guidance work

Over time, every student has to choose a future profession. Practice shows that many people experience stress, fear and confusion when choosing a profession. But if you approach this issue more rationally, it will be much easier to get through this period. And as a result, the student will not regret his professional choice.

What is included in career guidance work?

Career guidance is the introduction of schoolchildren to the world of professions. As a result of this acquaintance, each student must decide on his choice of a future profession.

In order to make it easier for schoolchildren to do this, vocational guidance work is organized in many schools. Let s see what this work consists of.

  1. Introductory lessons;

  2. Presentation of existing professions and labor market;

  3. Passage of vocational guidance techniques;

  4. Personal consultations with students;

  5. Meeting with representatives of the professions.

Functions of career guidance work:

  1. Diagnostic – helps to identify the characteristics, talents and inclinations of schoolchildren.

  2. Informational – makes it easier for schoolchildren to find the information they need. Career guidance activities help schoolchildren to delve deeper into the essence of the profession of interest.

  3. Preventive – prevents the wrong choice of profession.

Advantages of career guidance work:

  • The sooner the student decides on his future profession, the more time he will have for preparation;

  • Thanks to vocational guidance, children do not experience stress, anxiety or fear of the future;

  • The child independently makes his choice, without the help and instructions of his parents;

  • The student takes into account his interests when choosing a profession.

Cons of career guidance work:

  • All career guidance work is theory-based;

  • Today, there are many career guidance techniques that produce different results. As a result, the student may simply become entangled in them.

What are the types of career guidance work?

Preschool. It takes place in a game format, where children learn about the peculiarities of professions, what professions are, learn to distinguish one profession from another.

School. This type of work is the most popular. These are classroom hours dedicated to this topic, consultations with a psychologist, open days and various other events. Here, schoolchildren, taking into account their inclinations, talents and characteristics, make their choice.

Student. This includes practice in which students meet with employers and learn about their profession from a practical perspective.

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