Correct answers and explanations for the test “Idiot or genius”

Logic tests can sometimes have quite unexpected solutions. And if you passed the test “Idiot or genius”, but you are at a loss and ask the question “Why are there so few points? I answered correctly! ”, Look at the correct answers and explanations to them.

1. The blogger had 26 videos uploaded. All but the last 19 videos were deleted by moderators. How many videos are left?

Correct answer: 19

Everything is simple and obvious here – if all but 19 are deleted, then, in fact, these 19 remain.

2. Irina has a stepdaughter Svetlana, husband Ivan, two sons and a daughter. Do all the children in this family have a patronymic Ivanovich?

Correct answer: Unknown

Girls cannot be Ivanovichs (only boys can be Ivanovichs), and from the conditions of the problem we know for sure that the boys are Irina s children, but it is not known whether they are Ivan s children. It may well be that the boys in this family are Irina s children from a previous marriage, as well as Svetlana for Ivan.

3. The old house has 9 windows. If you wash 4 dirty windows, then there will be 2 times more clean windows than dirty ones. How many originally clean windows were there?

Correct answer: 2

First, let s find out how many clean and dirty windows are after washing. Let s make the equation: x + 2x = 9, where x is the number of dirty windows. It turns out after washing: dirty windows – 3, clean windows – 6. If 4 windows were washed, subtract 4 from 6 clean ones and get the initial number of clean windows.

4. June 12 – Day of Russia. Is there June 12 in Nigeria?

Correct answer: yes

In the question “Is there June 12 in Nigeria?” asks just about a specific date, not about a holiday

5. If 1 + 1 = 10, how much is 1 + 10?

Correct answer: 11

In fact, the task is not very simple. 1 + 1 can be equal to 10 only in the binary number system (hello computer science lessons in grade 8), and in it 1 + 10 will be equal to 11.

6. Can a fire be lit with water?

Correct answer: Yes

Sunlight is refracted through the water, and if you give the water the shape of a lens (for example, a bag stretched over stones, a convex plastic from a bottle), then with the help of the sun you can light a fire. Well, or in the winter from an ice floe. There may be other ways as well.

7. Imagine a house in the middle of the desert. The house has 4 walls and each one has a window. Looking at any of them, you will be looking north. Is that possible?

Correct answer: Yes

The desert is a place with almost no rainfall. These are not necessarily sands and dunes. In Antarctica, there is also no precipitation and the desert is icy there. And if the house is at the south pole, then all windows will face north.

8. Watchman Sergei forgot a bottle of water on the street on a frosty winter evening. In the morning it was -25 degrees outside, and the water did not freeze. “This is …. water” – made the correct conclusion Sergei. What should be at the site of the pass?

Correct answer: distilled

Distilled water freezes at temperatures below -42 degrees. Because distilled water after purification has almost no impurities that would crystallize in the cold.

9. You have 5 apples, you put 2 apples in your pocket, and you treated a friend with one apple. How many apples do you have left?

Correct answer: 4

We gave away only one apple, the rest remained with us, even in our pocket, but with us.

10. On the ferry from one side of the river to the other, 7 giraffes were transported at the same time. In the middle of the river, all but three giraffes decided to swim on their own and jumped overboard. How many giraffes have sailed to the other side?

Correct answer: 3

Unfortunately, giraffes cannot swim. Therefore, only giraffes sailed to the other side by ferry.

11. In July, in the morning, you stroll slowly through the neighboring park, and count the birds you saw: 5 sparrows at the fountain, 2 pigeons near the benches, 1 cat in the bushes and 3 crows on an oak tree, from which yellow leaves are crumbling. So what time of year is it outside?

Correct answer: summer

At the beginning of the question it is clearly stated that it is July, and this is summer. Yellow leaves can also peel off in summer, for example, due to drought or tree disease.

12. How is the example answer spelled correctly? Eight plus four equals …

Correct answer: there is no correct one among the proposed options.

Eight plus four is 12. But there is no such answer.

13. Grandmother Agafya has a pear garden, and she decided to make jam from them. One jar of jam takes 10 pears. So from the first tree she plucked 9 fruits, from the second – 12, from the third – 3 times less than from the first two combined, and from the fourth – 5 less fruits than from the third. How many jars of apple jam will grandma make from this crop?

Correct answer: 0

There is no way to make apple jam from pears. And my grandmother has a pear garden.

14. Continue the digital row: 5,6,4,7,3 …

Correct answer: 8

We find a pattern. 5 + 1 = 6, 6-2 = 4, 4 + 3 = 7, 7-4 = 3, 3 + 5 = 8. With each next step, the number increases by one, and the sign of the operation alternates: then plus, then minus.

15. The intercity bus has 54 seats for passengers, every second passenger checked in 1 bag. How many bags are in your luggage if every third seat on the bus is empty?

Correct answer: 18

Simple math. if every third seat is free, then the bus is 2/3 full. 54/3 * 2 = 36. There are 36 people on the bus, and only every other person has luggage. 36/2 = 18

16. Well, almost a classic that everyone has probably heard: Which is heavier – 1 liter of fluff or 1 liter of iron?

Correct answer: 1 liter of iron

Almost a classic, but not a classic. Volume is measured in liters. And in this problem we are talking about the same volume. And no matter how strongly the fluff is compressed, its density will still be less than the density of iron. And therefore, with the same volume, iron will be heavier.

17. What is the best way to buy a smartphone for 19,999 rubles?

Correct answer: on credit for 12 months at 20% per annum, but with a discount of 4000 rubles

Experience often tells us that the installment plan is more profitable, since it is without overpayments. But let s pick up a calculator and calculate the loan: 19999-4000 = 15999. 15999 * 20% = 3199.80 (this is the same overpayment). 15999 + 3199.8 = 19198.80. And this is almost 800 rubles less than the final price when buying in installments. So take a closer look!

18. On the day of the vernal equinox, the length of the day is almost equal to the length of the night. And what will happen a week after this day?

Correct answer: the day will be longer than the night

The vernal equinox naturally occurs in the spring. Usually it is March 20th. After that, the closer the summer is, the longer the day becomes.

19. It is known that a high-speed train travels 3 times faster than a yacht sail. Vasily and Nikolai gathered from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Vasily chose a high-speed train, and Nikolai chose a yacht. Who will get to their destination faster?

Correct answer: Nikolai.

So Hawaii is an island and they are located at a considerable distance from the mainland, there can be no question of any railroad there. And no matter how fast the train is, Vasily simply cannot get there.

Thus, in order to get the maximum score in the test, he will answer all the questions correctly, it is enough to be more attentive and turn on the logic a little. No wonder they say that “all ingenious is simple.”

We really hope that you read the correct answers in this article after passing the test, and not before it 😉

You can find explanations of the correct answers in the previous version of the test in this article. Well, this is if you are interested in logic puzzles in general.

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