Descartes’ square – an easy way to make the right decision

Every day, a person has to make decisions ranging from what to eat for breakfast today and ending with the choice of a company for a business transaction. Day-to-day decisions are the easiest to make, since we start from what we want. But there are times in which we are not entirely guided, but it is necessary to make a choice. In such cases, it is the “Descartes Square” that helps many. What it is? How does he work? Will it benefit you? You will find the answers to these questions in our article!

What is Descartes square?

Descartes square is referred to as decision-making techniques, it allows you to reduce time and choose the most promising solution. In addition, you will be able to assess the consequences of each decision. Thanks to Descartes square, you will have the opportunity to consider the issue from four sides. Agree, this is more interesting than working out the pros and cons in your head.

Where to begin?

To get started, you will need a piece of paper with a pen, a google document, or a note-taking program – one of these. Draw a table with 2 rows and 2 columns. To make an important decision, you will need to honestly answer 4 questions:

  • What happens if this happens? (this question can be written on top of the cell)

Write the answers that come to your mind in the first cell of the square.

  • What will happen if this does not happen?

You also write down the answers, but this time in a different cell of the table.

  • What will not happen if this does not happen?

  • What will not happen if this happens?

Example of filling the table

Suppose you want to quit your job, but you have doubts.

What happens if this happens?

  • You will feel freedom;
  • You no longer have to carry out boring work tasks;
  • You will no longer see the faces of colleagues who annoy you;
  • You no longer have to listen to the gossip of colleagues;
  • You can find work closer to home;
  • You can change your work area;

What will happen if this does not happen?

  • Your usual lifestyle will not change;
  • Your income will not change;
  • You won t get new job skills;
  • Don t make new acquaintances.

What will not happen if this happens?

  • There is no guarantee that you will soon be able to find a new job;
  • That in a new job you don t have to start working from the bottom;
  • That you will immediately enjoy the new activity;
  • That you will not experience difficulties in your new job.

What won t happen if it doesn t?

  • You will not be able to fulfill your desire;
  • There will be no risk of being unemployed;
  • There will be no stress due to looking for a new job;
  • There will be no opportunity to increase your income.
  • There will be no opportunity to change your life;

This is how Descartes square works. You look at the situation from four sides, weed out what you don t need. And you choose exactly what you like most at the moment of making a decision. Thus, you analyze the situation and consciously begin to act. And this comes from desire, not from fear.

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