Do you need a break in your relationship?

Any relationship goes through several stages, but the brightest and most memorable are: “candy-bouquet period”, “grinding”, “crisis”. Some couples successfully cope with difficulties and move on. Somehow it is necessary to slow down the pace, to think it over. In such cases, often one of the partners suggests taking a break. A pause in a relationship helps to relax, allows you to look at everything that happens from a different angle. And it helps many couples, but not all and not always.

What does a pause in a relationship mean?

This is a period in a relationship when you are still a couple, but you just stop communicating or leave for a while. This is done in order to rethink your life, and you want to understand whether you want to move on with this person or you are better off without him.

When can a pause in a relationship be beneficial?

  • If you are constantly in conflict;
  • When the betrayal happened;
  • The feelings of one of the partners died out;
  • One of the partners has a personal crisis;
  • The relationship is at an impasse;
  • There is no mutual understanding.

When doesn t a temporary break make sense?

  • One of the partners wants to get away from problems, pain and abuse;
  • When a break is needed to get rid of anger;
  • There is a desire to leave for good, but because of the fear of loneliness, one of the partners is afraid to do it;
  • Found a fallback;
  • I would like to find a replacement.

How to make pause in a relationship rewarding and safe?

A break in a relationship should not start with scandals, sit down with your partner and try to discuss everything peacefully. Think about what your break will look like.

  1. Set a pause goal. For example, you want to take it to sort out your feelings. Or after a betrayal of a partner, to determine your next steps.

  2. Determine the break period. Think how long it will take you to figure out yourself. A week, two weeks, or a month? For more than a month, psychologists do not recommend taking a break, as this will most likely lead to a breakup.

  3. Discuss financial matters. This will be especially true if you had a general budget.

  4. Think about when you can see each other. Once a week to share your findings of the week. This can happen more often if you have children together. Or your meeting will take place only if there are any important issues that require joint participation.

  5. Establish rules. The main thing here is to understand that a pause is an unfree relationship that allows you to do whatever you want. You also remain a couple, just see and communicate less often.

What to do during a pause?

Take care of yourself. Do you think that you are bogged down in a household routine and have devoted little time for yourself? This is exactly the moment when you can fix it. Pamper yourself, do what you love, devote time to sports and beauty.

Analyze your situation. But here you need to focus on your personality. What did you do wrong? How can the situation be corrected? Do you want to make the effort to change? What should you work on? Think about it and get down to business right away.

Change your life situation. It is difficult to make changes while staying at the same level of life. Change your environment, work tasks, habits. Bring something new into your life.

Think about the future. What do you want? How can this be achieved? Do your desires and plans coincide with those of your partners or are they incompatible? Thanks to such a study, you will understand where you better move.

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