Early career guidance

Childhood is an amazing time! Children strive to realize their dreams and fantasies in reality. They are not afraid to try, so they accept everything new with pleasure. At preschool age, children learn to love and respect the work of others, are interested in the details of professions, and apply their knowledge in games. Today they can take on the role of a firefighter; tomorrow they will realize in the game what they are more interested in and what is not. Kindergarten teachers provide early career guidance and introduce children to various professions.

What is early career guidance?

Early career guidance is a set of activities aimed at acquainting preschoolers with existing professions, organizing assistance to children in a reasonable choice of a future profession, starting from their individual psychological characteristics.

Why does early career guidance begin at preschool age?

Preschool age is a preparatory stage, since at this age children are already laying the foundations for personal and professional self-determination. This does not mean that, as a result, the child must stop at some kind of choice. The more he learns, tries, the easier it will be for him to make his choice in the future.

How is early career guidance going?

Early career guidance in kindergarten is carried out either by educators or psychologists. These workers have a major challenge develop a child s conscious attitude to professional self-determination. Create conditions for the child s ability to show their strengths and abilities in various types of professional activities. In the process of career guidance, preschoolers participate in role-playing games, go to thematic exhibitions, excursions.


Tours take place at some enterprise or institution. The teacher can organize an excursion in the kindergarten itself. Take the children to the kitchen and introduce them to such a profession as a cook, or take them to the medical office to tell them about the peculiarities of this profession.


To organize an exhibition, children can prepare thematic drawings, make crafts with their own hands or prepare a number. After working on the material, they will learn more about the profession they are interested in. And at the exhibition itself they can get acquainted with other professions.


Plot-based role-playing games best of all allow us to understand the reality of the world of professions. But for this you need to create special conditions, in the form of a study for the game, provide professional attributes and tools, set a theme for the game situation.

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