Effects of stress on human health

Anyone in our world faces stress, regardless of status at work, social status and financial wealth. Stress is, first of all, the body s response to negative influences.

Types of stress

Today, there are 4 main types of stress, they include:

  • Psychological (emotional) stress. It manifests itself in irritability, inability to relax, distrust, etc.;

  • Physiological stress. Rapid heartbeat, sweating, thirst, hunger, etc .;

  • Short-term stress. Passing an exam, interview, casting, etc.

  • Chronic stress. A person cannot get out of them on his own, a specialist s help is required.

Effects of stress on health

Everyone already knows that stress has a negative impact on the physiological and mental health of a person. The exception is short-term stress. What are the health consequences of stress?

  1. Weakening of immunity;

  2. Development of diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  3. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;

  4. The emergence of malignant tumors;

  5. Insomnia;

  6. Emotional instability.

Available Stress Relief Tricks


With the help of yoga, you can restore breathing, focus on your body, relax your muscles, and normalize your heartbeat. Yoga perfectly calms and brings the body back to normal.

Walk outdoors

This is another way to relieve stress. Taking long walks can also help you relax, restore your breathing, and can distract you from anxious thoughts. While walking, interesting ideas and thoughts may come to mind, so try to walk more often.


Classical, calm or favorite music can calm us down and evoke positive emotions. Music triggers the process of endorphins through which we relax.

Take up your hobby

This is a great distraction from problems, calms us down and allows us to go headlong into what we love. At the same time, the level of anxiety immediately decreases and recedes.

Remember that a positive outlook on life can help you overcome stress, increase your productivity and keep you healthy.

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