Features of the psychology of a child at 7 years old, how to properly educate boys and girls?

At the age of 7 years, the child has a crisis moment in his life. This coincides with the fact that he goes to school, meets other children and teachers. And in order to minimize this period, parents should familiarize themselves with a useful article: a child of 7 years old, the psychology of boys.

What happens to the child?

Children are faced with a new daily routine, get acquainted with interesting information that changes their usual outlook on life. At the age of 7, the boy gets rid of naivety, becomes more adult, argues with his parents, defending his point of view. He begins to develop self-esteem, he is already interested in how he looks and what he is wearing.

There is a desire to correspond to a person whom he considers to be an authority. The child begins to perform meaningful actions. His physiology, perception of the world, behavior, relationships with other people are changing. Parents should help their son so that he can painlessly go through this difficult path of entering adulthood. If for some reason mom or dad cannot influence the boy, they need to find a psychologist for a 7-year-old child.

Psychological characteristics of children at the age of 7

At the age of 7, boys and girls go to school. They are going through a difficult period, they will have to adapt to certain rules of the educational institution, meet new people, and do their homework. At first, it will be very difficult for children to get used to the role of a student. They will return to their usual games and miss their favorite cartoons.

It should take about 2 weeks for the boy to adapt and change his inner mood. He will already be fascinated by games with classmates. He will feel like a member of society, he will be upset that as an adult, he still needs to obey his parents.

The psychology of an 8-year-old child-boy allows him to be very active. He argues with adults, mimics them in order to once again draw attention to himself. Seven-year-olds are very emotional, irritated for any reason, often offended, get tired quickly. They can suddenly become aggressive, and after 10 minutes, withdraw into themselves and not talk to anyone.

In boys, the psychological attitude is very different from the psychology of girls. The difference between the sexes becomes clear to the child. He gets acquainted with information about his purpose and begins to take an interest in his appearance. He likes narcissism, he lives in fantasies, so he often compares himself to the hero from the animated series.

Seven-year-olds begin to change their attitude towards their parents. They no longer see them as their authority. During this difficult period, the teacher becomes the main person in their life. After all, he does not raise his voice, does not punish because of any trifle, and even more so does not raise his hand.

The difference between boys and girls from the point of view of psychology

Psychology of a child-girl 8 years old: the child becomes assiduous, calm, neat, focused. She studies well and behaves appropriately. Girls begin to share secrets, interest in boys develops, and in the absence of reciprocity, they become very upset. Girls are attracted by dances, handicraft circles. The mood is always balanced, they agree with everything and carry out the tasks assigned to them.

The psychology of an 8-year-old boy: the child is very active, constantly sees rivalry in his peers. They brag to each other about their knowledge of military equipment or weapons. The emotional state is unstable, they do not know how to hide feelings, so they can cry over any little thing. They are fond of only those games, the rules of which they know and understand. It is almost impossible to teach them neatness, they cannot withstand monotonous work and perseverance during the lesson.

The psychology of an 8-year-old child is designed in such a way that he needs authority. He needs a person to look up to and try to look the same. Boys are looking for them among their peers and in frequent cases they are not the best-behaved guys.

How can parents understand that a child is in a state of crisis?

The child tries in every possible way to become an adult, and for this purpose he goes against the parents, contradicts all the established rules. In order for parents to understand whether their son is in a state of crisis or not, it is necessary to observe his behavior. If his actions have become different, he has become withdrawn, irritated, which means that a difficult period is taking place in his life.

Behavior of children indicating a crisis in their life:

  • does not consider elders;
  • insults and yells at parents;
  • does not pay attention to his favorite toys;
  • often resists;
  • mimics elders;
  • behaves aggressively, throws things around, enters into conflict situations with peers.

All that is required of parents during this difficult period is to have patience and endurance. The main thing is to be able to understand your son, allow him to be free and participate in solving family issues. For support, you can use the services of a psychologist for a child of 8 years old.

Features of the psychology of a child at 7 years old, how to properly educate boys and girls?

What are the reasons for the changed character and behavior of children?

Psychology of a 6-year-old child: girls and boys believe that if they have crossed the threshold of school, then they have entered the path of adulthood. They try to find solutions themselves and act as they see fit. If parents are forced to do something they don t like, seven-year-olds can resist. The reason for this behavior is a change in values, a different perception of the world and an awareness of one s purpose in society.

Various external factors affect the mood of children. Sometimes behavior may not be appropriate for a particular situation at all. And all because of the desire to get rid of mental influence from the parents and thus assert themselves. This problem is more common in boys.

The psychology of raising girls of 8 years old practically does not require effort. They are more restrained and rarely aggressive, showing inadequacy to others. Also, the unstable psyche of a child can be caused by the desire to be a leader. Seven-year-old wants to be like the beloved hero from the movie, who always solves his problems using force.

Sometimes children perceive the world around them as a threat. They fearfully expect some kind of trick from their parents or peers. And there is only one way out of this situation – an attack. And in order not to be punished after that, they begin to behave very emotionally, thus trying to protect themselves. Children who lack parental affection become rude towards their elders and offend classmates.

Raising a boy 6-7 years old: advice from a psychologist

The upbringing psychology of a 7-year-old girl is significantly different from the upbringing psychology of a boy. The latter grow up faster, it becomes interesting for them to observe the world around them. They try to delve into every situation, express their opinion, enter into a conversation with an adult. If they do not achieve what they want, they begin to show aggression, speak out rudely towards adults.

This behavior terrifies parents. But a certain amount of time will pass and the boy will become calm, his behavior will begin to change for the better. The boy will gain independence, he will become calmer to react to the comments of his parents.

How to raise a 7-year-old boy, advice from a psychologist:

  1. You can t ridicule his mistakes.
  2. In public, do not call him an affectionate name.
  3. Find time to talk with your son, give clear answers.
  4. Show affection, approve of actions.
  5. Turn to him for help, do household chores together.
  6. Don t focus on his failures.
  7. Praise your child, even for no reason.
  8. Show joy for every achievement.
  9. Do not discourage him from making decisions.
  10. Let him decide on his favorite hobby.
  11. Strictly react to his bad deeds (it is necessary that the father does this).
  12. Don t scold him for crying, boys also need to release their emotions.
  13. If the child independently confessed to a bad deed, there is no need to condemn him.
  14. Always take your child s side, protect him from peers and teachers.
  15. Teach you to love books, teach you to read those works where the main character is a man.
  16. Never humiliate your child in front of other people.
  17. Boys need to talk more with men, it will be a good experience in the future.

If parents understand the psychology of a boy at the age of 8, they will be able to take the child s behavior seriously and more easily get through the difficult moment of growing up. The boy needs time to understand his inner feelings. He needs to be given freedom, surrounded by warmth and love.

Raising a 6-year-old child: the psychology of a boy in a crisis moment:

When raising a boy of 7 years old, the advice of a psychologist should be taken into account by the parents:

  • do not consider the boy as their own;
  • do not raise your voice, do not force, remove any violence;
  • give your son the opportunity to find solutions himself;
  • listen to his opinion, talk, give answers to questions of interest.

The upbringing psychology of a 6-year-old girl is the complete opposite of the psychology of a boy at the same age. The latter do not want to listen to their parents. And in order to somehow improve relations, the commanding tone should be completely excluded. The conversation should be on an equal footing. You should not impose your thoughts and actions on him. If the boy does not have a desire to attend a sports school, there is no need to force him, it is necessary to provide the opportunity to choose his hobby himself, even if it be dancing or a handicraft circle.

Parents mistakes

Mothers of girls 7-8 years old, do not take into account the psychology of the child, and give advice to their friends, who are raising a son, how to properly establish relations with him. But they do not take into account the fact that children are different and upbringing should also take place in different ways. Any wrong action will be detrimental to the boy.

How you can t bring up a 7-year-old boy:

  • prove your authority to him;
  • set impossible tasks and goals;
  • communicate in high tones;
  • give punishment for indecent behavior;
  • have a negative impact on teachers.

Parenting does not include advice from grandparents. The correct option would be to familiarize yourself with books while working with a boy: the psychology of a 6-year-old child.

The relationship between parent and child must be trusting. Often, adults themselves create panic and multiply problems. And then they vent their anger on the child. In any situation, you should control yourself and remain calm.

Often parents want to fulfill their non-embodied desires through their children. So, for example, dad at one time could not become a boxing champion, and now he is trying to make an athlete out of his son. If the boy has no desire to engage in sports activities, this activity will not give him pleasure, and even more so, it will not bring any results. The child must independently make a choice: who he wants to be, and what occupation to devote all his time.

Parenting psychology should be dealt with by both parents. You don t need to put all the problems on the shoulders of your mother or father. Sometimes it is difficult for a woman to communicate with her son, he will listen to a man faster, although he needs maternal care and love.

Even if for some reason the parents do not live together, you cannot speak negatively about each other. Adults need to show their children the right behavior. Because in the future, their son will begin to build relationships based on the experiences he had as a child.

In the upbringing of a child-girl of 8 years old, psychologists recommend that the mother participate more, but the father will take care of the boy. He should be interested in the success of his son in school, provide assistance in solving difficult problems.

The psychology of an 8 year old boy is different from that of a 3 year old. It is worth communicating with such a child at the adult level. She and dad can go to football, relax in nature. And only the correct instruction of the father will not allow the child to succumb to the bad influence of the street.

The responsibility and discipline of the child should be taught from an early age. He must be able to complete the work he has begun and not give back at the first threats. A great responsibility falls on the parent s shoulders – to bring up a real man who will independently achieve his goals and overcome any troubles.

IMPORTANT! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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