“Fighters of the invisible front”: all about the profession administrator

The profession of an administrator is very popular nowadays. Since, every institution needs this specialist. If you want to pursue a specialization in Administrator, then you have a wide choice, due to the wide variety of this specialty. An administrator is an employee who monitors the efficiency of the team and competently organizes the activities of the enterprise. The administrator bears a huge burden on the control and quality of the services provided.

Variety of profession

The profession of an administrative assistant allows you to choose any area you like. It is the scope of the organization that dictates work requirements and responsibilities. Let s take a look at the varieties of this specialization.

Hotel administrator. He puts guests in their rooms, introduces them to the rules of the hotel, advises clients on various issues. In addition, he is responsible for the actions of the staff, gives orders to colleagues, and resolves conflict situations.

Restaurant manager. Organizes the work of all restaurant employees, monitors the quality of service, recruits and trains personnel. Cleanliness, courtesy of the staff, assessment of ready meals – all this is part of the working duties of an administrative employee of the restaurant.

Beauty salon administrator. Coordinates the work of cosmetologists, make-up artists, manicurists, hairdressers. Keeps an appointment, meets guests, advises on issues that have arisen, presents the products and services of the salon, makes payments.

Store administrator. Exercises control over employees, goods. Distributes the work responsibilities of sellers, cashiers, loaders. Is the link between employees and management.

Concert administrator. Responsible for the artist s cooperation, plans his work schedule, organizes meetings. Monitors PR, advertising, carries out personal assignments.

Profession benefits

  • Development of lateral thinking;
  • Development of communication skills;
  • High profit payment;
  • Demand;
  • Employment is possible in any country;
  • Useful acquaintances.

Disadvantages of the profession

  • Excessive communication;
  • Constant physical activity;
  • High responsibility;
  • Constant stress.

Personal characteristics

A beginner specialist must have the following qualities:

  • Sociability and benevolence;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Emotional stability;
  • Confidence in yourself and your actions;
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Self-organization;
  • Grammatically correct speech.

If you have these qualities, then it will be easier for you to fulfill the work duties that are dictated by the originality of the organization – be it a hotel or a beauty salon.

Basic skills

The following skills and abilities are valued by employers:

  • Organizational skills;
  • Customer focus;
  • Work with office equipment and accounting software (1C, Excel);
  • Fluency in a foreign language;
  • Knowledge of the basics of personnel management.

Place of work

Representatives of this specialty can work in the following institutions:

  • Restaurants and cafes;
  • Hotels and hostels;
  • Private clinics;
  • Beauty Salons;
  • In car dealerships;
  • In offices;
  • Sports clubs;
  • Large shops.

Job responsibilities

The duties of an administrative officer are very broad and highly dependent on the area of ​​work. Here we list the key responsibilities that an employee must fulfill.

  • Meet customers;
  • Manage personnel;
  • Maintain the cashier;
  • Work with documents;
  • Resolve conflict issues;
  • Monitor the quality of customer service;
  • Provide information about the services of the institution;
  • Receiving calls, consulting;
  • Solution of production issues.

And this is only part of the responsibilities, each institution also has its own requirements. For example, maintaining social networks, timely adding information to the site, booking rooms, etc.


You can get an administrator education at a university, college or technical school. In the resume, applicants are required to have an intermediate education level or higher. Employers will hire you if you have one of the following specialties:

  • Hotel business;
  • Catering business;
  • Tourism;
  • Social and cultural service;
  • Management.


The salary is highly dependent on the region, work experience and institution in which you plan to work. The more prestigious the establishment, the higher the employee s salary. The average salary starts from 20 thousand rubles. and can reach 55 thousand rubles.

Employment and career ladder

Administrator vacancies can be found on employment sites, or on the sites of organizations or by acquaintance. If you have a university degree, plus any additional courses, then this is a big bonus. Work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, and a creative approach to solving problems are also appreciated.

In some areas, you can climb the career ladder and take the position of senior HR manager, deputy CEO, creative director, etc.

Profession prospects

Administrators are valuable contributors as they perform a large number of tasks. They are the right hand of the leader while he decides more important issues of the institution. The entire organizational system rests on the shoulders of an administrative assistant.

In the future, this direction will develop, it is possible that workers will change their work responsibilities, new types of specialization will appear. But in the near future, this profession will definitely not leave the labor market.

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