Getting rid of past memories that interfere with living

It seems to people living in the past that food was tastier then, people are kinder, work is more interesting. And now everything is not right, pesticide products, people are angry, work is boring. Such people do not appreciate what they have at the present time and dream of dreams of the past. They want to return to it and correct all their mistakes, prolong the pleasant moments. How to start living in the present and leave the past behind? We ll tell you in this article!

Stop chewing on the problem

Constantly returning to memories and scrolling through the head of the same events, gradually sucks a person into the swamp of the past. From which it is then very difficult to get out without a strong desire or outside help. As soon as you begin to return to the past, stop yourself and try to distract yourself from these thoughts in every possible way. It can be a pleasant conversation with a person, sports, reading a book, household chores, etc.

Do a writing exercise

Try to put all your thoughts on paper regarding the past. Thus, you will be able to penetrate deeper into your subconscious and see something new that you did not notice before. The main thing is to be honest with yourself, and try to write something about which it is difficult to speak out loud. The finished text can be read, analyzed and, as a result, crumpled, torn, burned or thrown away. So you will symbolically get rid of the past.

In addition to the written assignment, you can collect all the old things that you associate with the past and get rid of them in the same way. To put things in order in the house, head and life in general.

Energize yourself

To take a new step forward, you need to be filled with new energy. When you have enough strength and energy, you can overcome your fears, change habits and thinking. Where to get life energy? You can find the answer in this article!

Create a “new” yourself

To leave the past behind, you need to say goodbye to your former identity. You should do the rebirth of your “I”. Work on your thoughts, behavior, cons. Think about what character trait you need to develop in order to live happily. But you must understand that not all of your environment will be ready for change. Thus, you will understand with whom it is worth breaking ties.

The most important thing is to take action. You can work through your past on your own or ask for help from relatives, friends, or contact a specialist. The longer you stay inactive, the harder it will be for you to get out of the swamp of the past. There will be a lot of fears, negative thoughts and chances that you simply do not want to move forward. If you want to live happily, then you need to learn to enjoy the present, not regret the past and not be afraid of the future.

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