How and to whom is psychological assistance provided, and how to get it for free?

The concept of “psychological assistance” is known to everyone. The advice of psychologists is full of newspaper strips and pages of glossy magazines, psychologists are present on television in programs about life stories. But many are sure that the assistance of a psychologist is not needed. We are used to solving our problems in the old fashioned way: crying into a pillow or a friendly shoulder, or eating sweets, or pouring troubles and sorrows with intoxicating drinks. To admit that I need psychological help is a difficult and unusual step for us.

In the case when your own feelings already suggest that you cannot get out of the current life situation on your own, the support of a psychologist is imperative. The earlier you turn to a specialist, the easier it is to find a way out of the problem. The recommendations of a professional will allow you to build a scheme of actions, a plan for resolving emerging life issues.

Free psychological assistance

Many are afraid to go to a psychologist, believing that this is an expensive pleasure. But the existing psychological care centers provide this service free of charge. To receive free help from a psychologist, it is enough to contact such an institution in person or via online communication through the official website.

Reasons for contacting a psychologist

A person needs psychological help when various situations arise. For example, difficult relationships in the family and at work, lost interest in life, fears arise, a tendency to depression. Professional recommendations will help with a low level of self-esteem, endured stress, loss of a loved one, after a breakup with a loved one, as well as if relationships with others do not develop, there is no understanding of their place in life, a feeling of constant fatigue, sleep disturbances.

It is inconvenient to share such problems with close people and relatives, the help of a psychologist is needed. It is much easier and more effective to tell about a painful professional and get expert advice.

Psychological assistance to the population

In addition to special centers, many institutions in the state provide free psychologists – in employment and social protection centers, in children s educational and educational institutions, in rehabilitation departments for persons with disabilities, in antenatal clinics and some other polyclinic institutions. And if there are no conditions to visit a specialist in person, online consultations are provided to provide psychological assistance to the population through websites.

Important! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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