How can an adult find friends in a new city?

When moving to another city, a person experiences many difficulties. And this is quite normal, because leaving the comfort zone is often accompanied by fears, negative emotions, stress, etc. Many people find it difficult to adapt to a new city. Especially if they moved completely alone, without relatives, friends or acquaintances. New impressions and emotions are great, but it is difficult to enjoy it all alone, when there are no friends or acquaintances.

Find friends in online communities

If it s easier for you to get acquainted by correspondence, then online communities will help you. Find a forum, community that suits you, and support topics of conversation so you can find like-minded people. Sometimes some communities organize gatherings where people make new acquaintances.

Many people sign up for dating apps or make friends in online games. And then they transfer communication to the real world.

When dating online, remember netiquette

  1. Put order on your Internet profile so that it does not scare away your potential friends;

  2. Take your dating profile seriously and present your personality well. Write about your achievements, positive qualities, goals, interests;

  3. Observe punctuation and literacy when writing;

  4. Try to convey your idea in one message, do not break it into several short ones. Thanks to this, you will avoid misunderstandings;

  5. Do not use obscenities and vulgar jokes, this can alienate your interlocutor.

Find friends offline

Everyone knows perfectly well that the most successful way to make friends in places of study or at work. But if you don t like the people you interact with there, then there are other offline dating options.

In this case, it is again worth focusing on your interests. Since we are talking about hobbies, various sections and circles. It is easiest to make new acquaintances there. It can be a gym, going to the pool, dancing, chess, various master classes.

Be mindful of manners when dealing with people in person

  1. Be punctual, don t make people wait for you;

  2. Consider the desires of the interlocutor, offer several options for an interesting pastime;

  3. Try not to violate the personal boundaries of the interlocutor;

  4. Remain yourself to feel comfortable;

  5. Offer help if you see that the person needs it;

  6. If you see that a person is trying to avoid you, do not intrude.

The most important thing is not to sit still, but to act. So you will find acquaintances and friends much faster, and get a lot of new impressions. Maybe even learn something new.

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