How can you overcome your fear of failure?

Starting something new isn t always fun, exciting, or exciting. Many people feel fear of a new one, doubts begin to creep in: “What if I can t?”, “Where did I get the idea that I could cope with this?”, “How many specialists are around and where did I go (-la)? ”. These people are very afraid to make mistakes and fail. It seems like you want to, but you can t. Despite the fact that there is an opportunity and all the resources. How do you get rid of such thoughts? Let s figure it out with you!

Identify the cause of the fear

First of all, you must remember that fear is only a sick fantasy of our brain. Find out where your fear comes from, what exactly are you afraid of? Ridicule by friends, community attitudes, difficulties, or just low self-esteem? Deal with this and it will be much easier to move forward.

Stop devaluing yourself

Any work must be paid, do you not quite like the result of the work? Put your price tag down. Have put in a lot of effort to get the job done and the price tag should be appropriate. Value your time and health. Stop comparing yourself to professionals, try something new, your own unlike anything else.

You can t please everyone

There will always be people who will not be satisfied with something. Take it easy, because we are all different. And in any case, do not take their criticism to heart. Some people the only thing that can do is criticize, but they themselves do not know how to do anything.

Don t be afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are not so bad, especially if you learn to draw conclusions and benefit from them as a result. We all make mistakes, it s just that many try to keep silent about it. After any failure, victory will await you, if you do not stop halfway.

Let go of your guilt

Who most often causes guilt in us? Those people who want to profit by resorting to cunning actions. They may tell you that you did a poor job, although before that you were sure of an excellent result of your work. They begin to find fault with trifles or simply express their dissatisfaction with being personal. And it is this destructive behavior that makes us feel guilty. The customer, the client, the boss behave ugly, and you feel bad. This is fundamentally wrong, try to defend the results of your work and do not let you be blamed for what you did not do.

And as a result, I want to say that we ourselves are building our own destiny and happiness. You should not depend on the opinion of people, most of you will not wish anything good. Each person thinks only of himself and others are not at all interesting to them. And if someone constantly discusses you, then this indicates that he has a boring life and this person has not achieved success in life. Listen to your desires, do what you really like and then you will not regret that your life was wasted.

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