How to be honest with yourself?

The success of each person depends on how honest he is with himself. After all, it often happens when a person achieves high success in his career or builds a strong family. But he does not get much pleasure from this, the path to achieving the goal was difficult, and the result is not encouraging. This happens to people who are not honest with themselves. The reasons for this behavior may be different, but the result is the same – unhappiness. How to stop lying to yourself and start controlling your life? In this article, we will try to reflect the main aspects of this topic. So that you can understand, understand and apply the recommendations in practice.

Why are we taking care of ourselves?

Lying is a defensive reaction of our psyche, which reduces the intensity of negative experiences. In such cases, a person on an unconscious level takes actions that avoid the problem. Because of these defense mechanisms, our brains are programmed to deceive ourselves.

For example, a person needs to do some important and complex business that requires a lot of effort and time. But he is not in the mood to tackle it. Then the following can be observed in his behavior: postponing the matter for later, an attempt to shift this matter to another person, devalue this task, start doing less important things in order to refer to being busy, etc. This is how the defense mechanisms of our psyche work.

Why is it so important to be honest with yourself?

Honesty reflects the real world

Lies immerse a person in a fictional world of dreams and fantasies. And so that this picture does not collapse, a person continues to lie always and everywhere. And if gaps appear in the world of dreams through which reality is seen, then the person begins to engage in self-justification, not recognizing the truth. As a result, a lot of energy and resources are wasted to build a wall between the real and the fictional world.

Honesty Leads to Development

When a person is honest with himself, then he knows what he really wants. He has a lot of energy, time and aspirations that lead him to success.

Honesty allows you to be yourself

An integral personality is, first of all, a free personality. A person is free from complexes, stereotypes, anxiety and other experiences. Such people know themselves very well, it is difficult to confuse them and knock them off the desired direction.

Honesty breeds efficiency

Honest people admit their mistakes, draw conclusions and move on. Thus, they gain useful experience, and over time it becomes easier for them to solve difficult life issues. Therefore, they experience much less fears, and in the course of their life path, they are interested in everything that happens.

How to be honest with yourself?

Asking yourself difficult and uncomfortable questions

  • Do I really need this?
  • Will I benefit from this?
  • Am I doing nonsense?
  • Do I like it?
  • What do I really want?

Honesty with oneself is first of all awareness. You must understand what, why and why you are acting this way at one time or another. What motivation drives you. By asking these questions, you can adjust your path of movement so as not to end up in a swamp.

Give honest answers

There are times when you don t even want to think in one direction or another, because you don t see a positive outcome. But it is in these moments that difficult questions cannot be avoided. To correctly resolve such situations, try to take your time. Give yourself time to rest, and then consider your actions.

To take responsibility

A person who is honest with himself realizes his own responsibility for his life. Such people are not inclined to blame circumstances or others for their problems. They do not look for excuses for their inaction.

Keep written records

Write down your plans, desires, or accomplishments on paper. After all, she can testify what really happened. “What is written with a pen cannot be cut out with an ax.” Paper will help you be honest with yourself. But memory can embellish, diminish or devalue.

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