How to bring passion back into a relationship: current advice

A long-term, serious relationship is a real test. No wonder they say that love is hard mutual work. Time tests your couple for trust, awareness, acceptance of each other, and determination to change. But there are times when a well-oiled and healthy relationship becomes commonplace. Routine begins to overwhelm the partners, everything becomes predictable and the same, and at times it seems that there is nothing to talk about. In this article, we ll give you some real-world advice on how to rekindle your passion.

  1. Avoid distractions in favor of hanging out together. If in your spare time you choose to watch entertainment videos over intimacy with your partner, we recommend trying the opposite. If that doesn t refresh the conversation, it can help you identify problems and solve them.
  2. Remember how it is – to surprise each other. Love is a very creative work. Take some kind of adventure together, present an unexpected and not tied to any date gift. This is both useful and pleasant!
  3. Misunderstandings and quarrels are normal. People are not perfect and are not able to understand each other to the end. You just need to learn how to overcome these unpleasant moments with minimal damage and leave them in the past. Both of you should understand the nature of your problems and take action to solve them, and also forget about them together later.

  4. Business is time – fun is an hour. Or more. Or less. Comfort each other in bed as much as you like, the main thing is to leave all problems outside the bedroom. Just enjoy each other and let the whole world wait.

  5. Watch your appearance. Unfortunately, many, after having “achieved” that one (s), stop caring for themselves and “relax”. What attracted you initially? Because of the absence of these “primary sources” of love, the relationship is cooling and growing poorer.

  6. The thesis from the previous point also applies to intimate life. Find ways to add variety to your sex. If you constantly adhere to the classics, he will somehow get bored, because a person gets used to everything. Do not be afraid to experiment, because you are with your loved one, do not be afraid to destroy stereotypes and taboos, this will definitely benefit your relationship.

  7. And finally – show more attention to your soul mate. It is normal and adequate to think about our well-being as a couple, but we must not forget that we are responsible for those we have tamed. And it s not about submission in relationships, but about emotional and mental attachment.

  8. Remember that “halves” are just a figure of speech. In fact, your couple is a union of two living people, individuals with their own interests. Perhaps one of the reasons for the routine of the relationship was the restrictions that you impose on your partner or yourself, assigning or sticking labels and roles. Keep in mind that your rights end where your partner s rights begin. Mutual help and support in self-realization will strengthen and refresh your life together more than ever.

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