How to change your life for the better?

Sooner or later, every person has a desire to completely change his lifestyle. Get up early, exercise, eat healthy, quit your job, make new friends. But for many, these desires remain only in thoughts. How can you decide to take the first steps towards a new life and not stop halfway? It s very simple if you stick to certain rules.

Where is the best place to start?

  1. First of all, you need to learn to live with awareness. Like this? Interesting and challenging. Your every day should be very productive and have specific goals and plans. You shouldn t just burn it while lying on the couch watching the TV.
  2. Appreciate the present and don t be lazy to plan for the future. The past should not take up a lot of your time, take stock, draw conclusions and move forward to a happy life.
  3. Remember that only action will lead to the desired result. Dreams, fantasies and laziness should recede into the background.

How do I understand what I want?

In order to determine your desires, you need to do the following. Take a piece of paper and a pen, you can also do this on your phone. On the left side, write down all areas of your life (family, work, sports, health, finance, etc.). On the right side, opposite each sphere, you need to write what you want. For example, opposite the family sphere, you can write – I want to improve my relationship with my husband. After you write down your desires, re-read the resulting text and think if this is really your desire? Maybe some of them were imposed by society, relatives or friends. If there are not true goals, then you can safely delete them.

What to do next?

Take another look at the resulting list. And now try to be specific about your goals. Namely, your goal should be clear, measurable, achievable, and most importantly true. For example, getting a license is not the right goal. But, finding a suitable driving school and undergoing training before April 7, 2021 is the right goal.

After you have fleshed out your goals, you need to build a hierarchy out of them. Prioritize goals.


  1. Find a job with an income of 50 thousand rubles or more.
  2. After that, save money for training in a driving school until March 30, 2021.
  3. Find a suitable driving school and complete training by April 7, 2021.

This exercise helps you imagine how you can move closer to your goal.

What actions need to be taken to achieve the goal?

So that your life is conscious, and the days are memorable and not boring. You need to learn how to plan each day and follow your plan. Most importantly, your plan should include a goal or step towards achieving it.

It is better to fix the plan of the day somewhere, do not rely on memory. And check your to-do list throughout the day. Cross out or mark as done as you progress.

What else should you keep in mind?

When we strive for our goals, we are bound to encounter some difficulties. To overcome them and continue on your way, it is best to turn off your emotions. In difficult situations, try to think rationally and not give vent to emotions. Then you can make the right decision. After that, be sure to throw out the accumulated emotions (share with friends, go to the gym, send them to work).

If you don’t succeed, you will have to redouble your efforts. Change your habits, attitudes, values. Look for various solutions and do not get stuck on one. This is what leads to growth, development and, as a result, to change.

What should be emphasized?

For maximum efficiency, it is best to change the following:

Observe the daily routine. Get up as early as possible, go to bed no later than 24:00. Don t forget about breaks and rest.

Proper nutrition. The minimum intake of food is 3 times a day, a maximum of 5 times. Focus on healthy foods.

Track your health. Go in for sports, meditate, drink water, take walks in the fresh air.

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Lee Blanchflower on Unsplash

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