How to deal with jealousy?

Jealousy is a powerful destructive feeling that has nothing to do with love. Jealous people try to conquer a person s personality and control him everywhere, not giving freedom. As a result, those who are jealous most often experience headaches, nervous disorders and, as a result, fall into depression. This is why you need to work on your jealousy.

Why are people jealous?

Low self-esteem

A person who is jealous and confident in his unattractiveness believes that he is not worthy of his other half. This is the most common cause of jealousy.

Childhood psychological trauma

For example, your partner in childhood was abandoned by your mom or dad and now he is afraid that you will treat him the same way. To build a happy relationship with this person, it is necessary to resolve their childhood trauma.

Excessive sense of ownership

It consists in a painful desire to fully possess your partner. Full control and adjustment of the partner to the usual schedule of life. Restrictions and prohibitions can also appear here. Up to physical reckoning. Therefore, if your partner shows these signs and he refuses to work on his jealousy, then it is better to end the relationship with this person.

Bad past experience

In previous relationships, your partner has been tricked, hurt, and heartbroken. And in new relationships, he constantly talks about this, it is difficult for him (her) to trust a new partner. In this case, it is also necessary to work through past experiences so that the partner is ripe for a new relationship.

Provocation of jealousy from the second half

It may be important for your partner to prove to yourself and others that he / she is handsome. Therefore, they take a lot of actions in order to get a compliment, an admiring glance or the approval of others. But a jealous person will definitely not like this and such behavior may be perceived by him as treason.

How can you get rid of jealousy?

Pay attention to your personality

Start going to the gym, dancing or signing up for interesting courses. We have long wanted to learn a foreign language, take it. It s time to get down to what you put on the back burner. This also includes improving the appearance.

Try to trust your partner

Work on building trust. Agree with him, talk about your desires, feelings, ask for help and draw conclusions from this.

Don t try to match your partner.

If you are not satisfied with something in it, first think about what it might be connected with. Does it bother you a lot? And if the answer is yes, then talk about it with your significant other.

Learn to listen to your partner

Do not dwell on your grievances and worries, listen to your partner s point of view on this or that situation. Perhaps that s when you will be able to see the situation from the other side.

Let go of your fears

How to do it? If you are afraid that your partner will leave you, then think about what exactly you will lose? Are you highly dependent on him? What can you do to become more independent? Well, best of all, try to improve your relationship with your partner. Diversify your sex life, go on dates with him more often, watch your appearance, support in difficult times, etc.

And in conclusion, I would like to say if you realize that you are prone to jealousy and are ready to work on it. Make an effort to change the situation, then you will achieve success. It s another matter if a person cannot even admit his jealousy. A sadder picture is already emerging here. Remember any positive work on yourself will lead you to a happy life.

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