How to get rid of your inner critic?

Everyone is familiar with an inner critic. He is able to lift someone from the couch and force them to do the necessary things. On the contrary, it stops someone and makes them doubt their abilities. In this case, it is difficult for people to take a step towards change. Often, because of this criticism, people’s mood deteriorates, they lose heart and they stop believing in their own strength. If your critic haunts you and you want to get rid of him, then this article will help you.

Where did the inner critic come from?

The inner critic is the pooling of negative thoughts in your head. Which cause fear, doubt, distrust, excitement and a lot of negative feelings. The inner critic dictates the following thoughts to people:

  • “You won t get this position”
  • “You shouldn t take responsibility for this work, you can t do it”
  • “You can never start your own business”
  • “If it didn t work out the first time, then it s not yours.”

People feed their inner criticism with childhood memories. When parents made inappropriate comments or criticized every action. Or school teachers, coaches, educators have harmed the psyche. From these actions, many people believe that “whatever they do, it will end badly anyway.”

Many people benefit from feeding their inner critic. Thus, they can justify their laziness, fear, self-pity. They cannot achieve their goals, live in a fantasy world and do not like to talk about their achievements.

How to say goodbye to your inner critic?

First step

Close your eyes and imagine that your inner critic is on your left. What does he look like? What is he wearing? What color are his clothes? Does he have any unusual features? How does it smell? What does his face look like? Who does he look like? After you ve visualized your critic. Open your eyes and draw it on a piece of paper.

Take a look at the resulting drawing. Try to realize that the inner critic has an important function to protect you, not to violate your comfort zone. And when we destroy our own comfort zone, then he is very frightened and tries to leave everything as before. The inner critic can be understood, forgiven and negotiated with him. Explain as a child that moving forward will only benefit both of you.

Second step

After you have drawn your critic, close your eyes again and imagine a person on your right that is the complete opposite of the critic. It can be a specific personality or a collective personality. Open your eyes and also draw it on a piece of paper.

Take a look at the resulting drawing. The opposite critic will always support you in difficult situations. Constantly teaching you something new, overcoming fears with you, believing in you, will make you a more courageous person.

Third step

When you wake up, invite the opposite critic every morning and don t let your inner critic take its place. Imagine the opposite critic in the morning says to you the following words:

“You are great, even if … .. (continue the sentence)”

“You will succeed today because …… (continue the sentence)”

“You will have a great time because … .. (continue the sentence)”

By taking more time to oppose the critic, you will gain control over the inner critic and his actions will gradually weaken. Begin to love yourself, do what you want, adequately relate to your mistakes. And then your inner critic will start pushing you to take new and useful actions.

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