How to know yourself, or psychological tests for personality type

People often consult with psychologists in order to understand the “origins” of their own problems. In some cases, psychological tests for personality are used. They help people understand the peculiarities of their character.

Appointment of psychological tests

Personality psychology tests help you find yourself and solve pressing problems. Their importance was appreciated by both professionals and ordinary people. In the question of how to know yourself, psychology offers many specialized books and videos.

Who am I: Psychology Test

Different personality types differ greatly in temperament. It is an innate ability that affects the functions of the nervous system. Temperament largely depends on the intensity of inhibition and excitation in the brain area.

The main varieties of psychological personality types were proposed by Hippocrates. Modern specialists largely rely on this knowledge:

  1. Phlegmatic person. So it is customary to call a calm person, whose movements are distinguished by regularity.
  2. Melancholic. Such a person is characterized by a tendency to sadness and phobias.
  3. Sanguine. This psychological type of personality involves an active lifestyle. A sanguine person sees positive emotions and fun everywhere.
  4. Choleric. A person with such a temperament is distinguished by strong impulsiveness and the ability to commit risky, rash acts. Choleric is very emotional. He often goes over the border of what is permissible. A person with this type of temperament is characterized by weak self-control, energy. A choleric person often undertakes several cases at once. Without constant movement, his life seems very boring. The choleric has an energetic gait, quick, sometimes a little confused speech, sweeping gestures.

Psychological tests for women about personality online for free

Psychological tests for a person s personality help to better understand oneself. In order to go through one of them, take a small piece of paper and a pen. If you wish, you can print the corresponding table on the printer and start filling in the empty cells. Below are some examples of personality tests in psychology.

Questions and Answers “Yes” “Not”
Part one
1. Lack of perseverance is predominant in my behavior.
2. I am distinguished by irascibility and incontinence of character.
3. I am anxious to wait.
4. In contact with people around you, straightforwardness and a harsh tone prevail.
5. I often have to deal with the organization of various events.
6. I can be called a stubborn person.
7. It gives me pleasure to constantly argue.
8. When engaging in any activity, I am not rhythmic.
9. I often take open risks.
10. Someone else s words that are unpleasant to me are easily engraved in my memory.
11. My speech can be called agitated and fast.
12. My character is called unbalanced.
13. I have an intolerance to the shortcomings of others.
14. I am used to teasing people close to me.
15. My gestures are considered expressive.
16. I am firm in making decisions.
17. I really like everything new.
18. I have a swift, slightly harsh gait.
19. I strive for the intended goal to the end.
20. My mood often changes.

The second part of the psychological personality type test is presented below.

1. I am a person who loves life very much.
2. My energy is in full swing.
3. I am not the kind of person who takes the matter to the final point.
4. High self-esteem is one of my character traits.
5. Any innovations are easily learned by me on the fly.
6. Constancy of views is not typical for me.
7. Failures are easy for me to survive.
8. I find it easy to adapt to different situations.
9. I am a person who is passionate about life.
10. I end up easily with a loss of interest.
11. It is easy for me to switch from one activity to another.
12. Monotony at work hates me.
13. I have a lot of friends.
14. Endurance and performance are one of my main qualities.
15. I have a clear and loud speech.
16. I do not lose control of myself in a difficult situation.
17. I am in favor.
18. The process of falling asleep takes the shortest possible time.
19. I am distinguished by haste in making decisions.
20. I can be considered an inattentive interlocutor.

Personality Psychology: Tests

Psychological personality tests with answers are an important tool that any qualified specialist owns. He will help to identify various problems, select ways to solve them.

How to know yourself, or psychological tests for personality type

The personality type test in psychology allows you to understand your own individuality. It is available online. Psychological tests are intended primarily for the fair sex. With their help, you can understand your individual preferences. Psychological tests allow you to set up the desired psychological barrier.

IMPORTANT! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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