How to learn to manage people, the essence and features of human psychology

The knowledge that contributes to the manipulation, control of people by influencing consciousness has been inherent in man for a long time. Special techniques make it possible to influence not only individuals, but also the whole society. These techniques, providing the ability to manage people, are united by one direction – human psychology; how to manage people depends on her knowledge, ability to apply in practice.

Specific goals of the ability to manage people

The science of psychology arose from a person s desire to control other people, and not vice versa. The thirst for reaching various heights in career growth, conquering other peaks led a person to realize the need to manipulate society or specific individuals. This became the basis for the development of practical psychology. With knowledge of human psychology, how to manage yourself, other representatives of society, is not a difficult task.

Manipulation of people is based not so much on knowledge of psychology itself as on the ability to apply it in practice. This was the impetus for the growing popularity of science and specialized literature. Psychological knowledge and skills helped a person manage not only individuals, but even states. Theoretical knowledge, practical skills are used today in all areas of human life; they have changed the course of humanity more than once.

The importance of psychology and people management is confirmed by the words of Rosalyn Carter, one of the most influential women in the world, the wife of former US President Jimmy Carter: “People always follow the leader, but in accordance with their desires. A real leader leads people to where they belong, not where they want to go. “

Modern time, the period of business, the importance of its correct organization, is not complete without the use of psychological influences on a person. The foundations of management, its success are based on the psychological, social resilience of team members, in particular, those holding leadership positions. Both theory and practice in this regard are the foundation of effective management. Knowledge, the ability to use human psychology in practice is applied in a number of types of team activities, in particular:

  • creation, support of staff motivation;
  • solving conflict situations in a team;
  • determination of consumer needs.

For successful management activity, knowledge of management psychology is required. The purpose of this field of science is to understand the theoretical basics obtained, to master the ability to apply them in practice.

In addition to the skills of how to manage people, the psychology of this direction helps to facilitate the planning of a person s career, personal path, the concept of his own destiny. This helps, for example, meditation, psychological exercises.

The nature, purpose of manipulation techniques varies – they can be used for both benefit and harm to people. But this only underlines their importance in the modern world.

Manipulation training

To understand, to study human psychology, how to control people, it is important to be imbued with a thirst for manipulation. Obtaining the necessary knowledge is impossible without desire. It can in itself “instill” the appropriate skills in a person. The initial step is to study yourself, your “I”, personality, character. In view of the significant emotional, mental stress that accompanies the application of psychological theoretical foundations in practice, it is first necessary to learn how to manage oneself.

The following goals of studying the psychology of people, how to manage them, are based on several sequential steps:

  • study of specialized literature on manipulation techniques, control methods;
  • establishing contact with the environment;
  • creating authority, entering into trust through emotional and psychological impact;
  • development of theoretical knowledge, practical use of management methods.

Techniques and methods of manipulation

Different types of exposure to people are used all over the world. They are divided into direct and hidden. Each of these types of manipulation is based on a specific goal, belief.

One of the most famous and used methods is hypnosis. After the introduction into a state of trance, a direct effect is exerted on a person, within the framework of which the hypnotist controls his thinking, behavior, and the state as a whole. Today, hypnosis is widely used as a method to alleviate the emotional state of people suffering from psychological disorders. With the right approach, hypnosis can restore the normal functioning of a person, return him to a full life. Moreover, this method is successful even with severe violations.

The basis of psychological manipulation lies in the emotional, physiological human needs. Psychologists use the following methods, highlighting the most appropriate approach based on a specific situation:

  1. Reduced choice. In order for a person to make the “right” choice, it is necessary to reduce the number of options provided to him. The technique consists in giving him, for example, 2 possibilities. Natural laziness, lack of desire to complicate life lead to a logical choice from among the options provided.
  2. Wealthy appearance. Interest in a person is enhanced by his representative appearance. A view indicating a high position in society leads to a more serious attitude of people. Appropriate behavior, the presence of modern devices, gadgets increases the chances of success in manipulation.
  3. Positive location. To capture the attention of a person, her location, it is enough to provide a service on time, a gift presented. It can be verbal (compliment) in nature or represent a tangible thing. Regardless of his type, he will provide favor, favor.
  4. Feeling of similarity. This method is based on unobtrusive repetition of gestures, speech, facial expressions of the interlocutor. This phenomenon has been studied in several psychological studies, where its effectiveness has been proven. This method works on a subconscious level, in most cases it is successful.
  5. Distraction. A certain situation can also contribute to getting a positive response. Accelerate decision making by considering them in noisy, crowded places, in a hurry.

How to learn to manage people, the essence and features of human psychology

Managing life, people and yourself

Good management is a necessary aspect of modern life. Psychology is based on teaching self-government, self-control. Internal stability is an important factor in the quality of life, making the right decisions, therefore, success and personal growth. Gaining control over people is impossible without self-control.

Consider the psychological techniques used in managing both oneself and other representatives of society.

  1. Internal state = external manifestations. To attract people, create harmony in the environment, inner satisfaction, calmness is important. Despite the conflict situation, it is necessary to maintain self-control. This will not only show your strong personality aspects, but it will also calm your opponent down.
  2. Calm nerves. Chewing gum can help prevent imbalance. The chewing reflex directly affects the brain, leading to its relaxation.
  3. Lack of unfocused actions. This includes activities that create the illusion of relaxation (e.g. aimless internet surfing, unnecessary shopping, etc.).
  4. Time-management. Time management is a modern term that characterizes the ability to set priorities, procrastinate less important things.
  5. Self confidence. Despite your doubts, it is important to maintain a confident look. This puts people on a subconscious level.
  6. Eye contact. After asking the other person and receiving a partial answer to it, pause while making eye contact. This will result in a complete answer.
  7. Planning. Time management is an important success factor. Allocate no more than 60% of the total time. Reserve the remaining time for force majeure. They occur almost daily, often disrupting the current rhythm.
  8. Manifestation of joy. Show the person the joy of meeting them. This will increase his interest in you.
  9. Determining your own performance. Track yourself, determine the time of greatest productivity for which you plan important, complex tasks.
  10. Herd instinct. The point of view of a particular person depends on the behavior of the majority. This rule is especially applicable for those who are insecure.
  11. Identification of strengths and weaknesses. Don t try to achieve the unattainable. Stop at the things that work best. This will help to develop strengths, therefore, to achieve more.
  12. Creating a positive first impression. Make your first meeting in a place that is positive. In a person s thinking, it associates a similar mood with you.
  13. Live today. Often times, people create a misconception about the future based on past mistakes. But the most important things are happening today. And they slip away.

Books teaching manipulation

The basics of human psychology, people management can be learned from specialized literature. Most books on human psychology, how to manage people, can be read online for free. But the classic version always wins the virtual one. Therefore, when choosing books on the psychology of human manipulation, one can turn to the classics of this scientific field.

Z. Freud, “Analysis of the Human Self and Psychology of the Masses”

This book about the psychology of people management examines social relationships in all areas: family, professional, etc. It reveals the theme of herd instinct, leadership talents.

S. Holnov, V. Shlakhter, “The Art of Dominating”

Reading this book about human psychology, how to manage people is recommended for those who want to master a number of methods of manipulating members of the public.

V. Sheinov “The Art of Managing People”

This book about human psychology, how to manage people, reveals methods of influencing human consciousness (direct and hidden), ways of protecting against manipulation. It offers the reader a number of options for negotiating, resolving conflict situations.

H. Fexeus “How to read other people s thoughts and control them”

In this book, How to Manipulate People, the psychology of a person is presented from the side of reading his thoughts, thanks to which the creation of positive relationships is achieved.

How to learn to manage people, the essence and features of human psychology

R. Levin, “Mechanisms of manipulation. Protection from other people s influence “

This book on the psychology of human manipulation will be useful to people involved in the trade, advertising. In the question of how to learn how to manage people, psychology offers a number of techniques aimed at the success of your own business.

Mastering management techniques does not guarantee success. It is important to learn how to apply them in practical psychology. At the same time, do not forget to do it for the good, and not to the detriment of people.

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