How to learn to respect yourself?

Many in childhood heard from their parents, teachers, educators the following phrase: “If you respect yourself, others will begin to respect you.” But few people took it seriously. But in fact it is really so. You cannot demand respect from people if you do not feel it yourself. What is self-respect? This is, first of all, sincere love and acceptance of one s personality, with all the pluses and minuses. If you think you don t respect yourself enough, then our tips will help you.

Self-esteem in reality

There are stories in life when great and talented people have a low opinion of themselves. Or vice versa, people who are not professionals in their field have high self-esteem and respect themselves. From this we can conclude that self-esteem does not reflect the real state of affairs. To understand how you are doing with self-esteem, answer these three questions:

  • Do you often feel insecure about yourself?
  • Are you negative about criticism?
  • Is it easier for you to remain silent than to respond to an insult?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you do not respect yourself. Negative answers indicate the opposite.

Changing your own thoughts

First, you need to work on your self-esteem. As a result, you should have a clear picture in your head of who you really are. At this stage, you can work on your positive and negative qualities. Try to rationalize your fears or get rid of them. To achieve the desired result, it is best to work on it alone.

Forgiving and accepting yourself

All people make mistakes, but not everyone dwells on them. Self-respecting people analyze the situation, draw conclusions and move on. They know how to forgive themselves and do not dig themselves. To accept yourself, you must strive for this too. Realize that in a given situation you acted wrong, but with whom it does not happen. In conclusion, we made a positive conclusion and move on.

Only good about myself

Stop thinking and talking about yourself in a bad way. Phrases like “I can t,” “I m too old,” or “I shouldn t even think about it” are the main reasons for your failures and unfulfilled hopes. Before drawing such conclusions, you must first at least try. A bad review of yourself allows other people to insult or humiliate you.

Protecting personal boundaries

Only you can build and describe your personal boundaries to other people. Thus, you make it clear how you can and how you can not. Does a colleague call you at work on a weekend? There are two options for protecting your borders: not picking up the phone, or picking up and making it clear that you have a day off. After that, they will begin to respect you and will not allow themselves too much.

Listen only to yourself

You may have personal principles and rules that no one has the right to encroach on. Society requires young people to start families and have children by the age of 23. Do you have no desire? Do not give in to the influence of public opinion. Live for your pleasure and don t feel guilty about it. This also applies to other important issues.

Learning new

Strive for self-development, do not stand still. Thanks to this, you can discover new facets of yourself. Make new and interesting acquaintances. People around you will see you as an interesting person. You don t have to sit in the library and study books for this. It can be dances, foreign languages, handicrafts, a hobby club, etc.

Our inner world determines the outer one. How you feel about yourself is projected onto your relationship with others. Remember that you are unique and you need to value yourself for that.

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Tamara Shchipchinskaya on Unsplash

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