How to sort out a bunch of cases and have fun?

Lately, you have been tearing your hair out because you don t have time for anything. And your brain is about to explode from the abundance of deeds and constant thoughts “This must be done”, “I must do it today”, “The deadlines are burning”. Your phone is torn apart by incoming calls, and colleagues and partners cannot wait for the necessary materials from you. All this suggests that it is time for you to sort out your affairs. Well, we will show you how you can better use your time and enjoy this process.

Step 1: make a plan

Before grabbing on to business, they should be carefully planned out. When planning, you will need to write down all the accumulated cases. Then sort them into important, minor, urgent, not urgent. It is also worth considering the time it takes to complete tasks. Thanks to such a plan, you will be able to structure everything, and in the process you will only peep at the list so as not to forget anything.

Step 2: evaluate your affairs realistically

Don t hope that you can handle blockages in one day or weekend. It may turn out that some things take a lot longer, so you need to look at your plan realistically. If you have never faced a task, then it is better to give it more time. Do not criticize yourself for low productivity, as due to a large number of activities, our body is depleted.

Step 3: let yourself be less than perfect at work

If you try to bring each business to the ideal, then there is a possibility that you will be clearing the rubble for a long time. Better do more and meet deadlines than waste time on every little thing.

Step 4: deny requests

When you have a lot of things to do, then you shouldn t take on additional responsibilities. If at work your boss wants to give you additional work, then tell me bluntly that you are not up to it. Invite him to transfer the case to a freer employee. At home, it is also better not to make promises, but to redirect responsibilities to other family members. Otherwise, you will simply have a nervous breakdown or emotional burnout.

Step 5: Remember Your Health

Your affairs will not go anywhere from you, but health can pump up. Therefore, make time for eating, resting and sleeping. Try to stick to your daily routine after you get things done, take time off, or get some good rest with friends and family. Praise yourself for the perfect job and feel relieved!

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