How to stop loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate?

Unrequited love strongly affects self-esteem and psyche. Due to the indifferent behavior of the object of love, the mood spoils, dissatisfaction with oneself, isolation appears. And if a person does not stop thinking about unrequited love, he may become depressed. How can you avoid this and stop thinking about who doesn t reciprocate? Check out our article and find out!

Identify all the clues that haunt you

By hooks, we mean all actions and emotions on the part of the object of love that brought you joy and pleasure. To find these clues, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What exactly did you like about this person?
  • What did you do that made you feel happy in his (her) company?
  • What expectations have you built for him / her?
  • How is this person different from others?
  • Where have you been together?
  • What did he / she do to you that made you like him / her?

Answer these questions in writing and sincerely. For example, the girl really liked the young man s jokes. He was able to cheer her up and liberate her. No one else had done this to her before. This is the lead.

Understand your reasons for attachment

Your memories are associated with certain feelings that you felt from your partner. These are tactile sensations, touch, energy, tenderness, openness. Know that sensation is a temporary pleasure that soon wears off.

Get rid of things that remind you of this person

Well, this point is clear to everyone, as many recommend doing this. In addition to things, gifts, photographs, it is necessary to delete songs associated with him (her), smells, etc.

Calm your inner voice

Take a piece of paper, a pen and answer the following questions in writing:

  1. What emotions will you feel if you don t break the connection with this person now?

  2. How much will your life change for the better when you forget about the object of love?

  3. How much will you suffer if you do not stop communicating with him (her)?

  4. What s worse than unrequited love or loss of self-esteem?

Write down the answers in great detail, in the smallest detail. Read the resulting answers each time you think of the person again.

Disconnect the leads

This requires realizing that you yourself can provide a better life for yourself. You don t need someone else to feel happy. Praise yourself, learn new things, enjoy the little things, interact with nice people.

Realize that you fell in love with the image, not the person.

Those pleasant sensations about which you think, you have created in your own head. You embellish your love object, in fact, he / she is an ordinary person. Once you shatter this image, love will immediately pass.

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