How to teach a child to stand up for himself?

Many of the problems of adults are laid down in childhood. That is why, many things children need to be taught from an early age. This list also includes the ability to stand up for yourself. So that the child does not feel fears, doubts and skillfully adapt to new teams. In this article, you will find recommendations on how to teach your child to stand up for themselves.

Observing our own behavior

First of all, you need to pay attention to your own behavior. Do you often punish him? Comparing him to other kids? Do you care for the child a lot? All these factors greatly affect the child s self-esteem. Frequent punishments cause aggression, comparison or humiliation of the child s dignity leads to low self-esteem. Overprotection makes a child sensitive, dependent.

Teach your child to admit their mistakes

Explain to your child that there are times when we are all wrong. And strong and confident people in such situations take responsibility for their mistakes. They are not afraid to admit them and are ready to correct them. In such situations, no one will suffer and a conflict will arise. If your toddler learns to admit that he is wrong, his self-esteem will rise. And over time, he will learn how to peacefully resolve conflict situations.

Request for help

From an early age, it is necessary to make the child understand that it is not a shame to ask for help. Relatives, relatives and friends are always ready to help him if necessary. And do not dismiss your child when he really asks you for help. Take this seriously, as it is very important for the child.

What is the best way to respond to teasing and insults?

In this case, it is worth explaining to the child that nicknames and insults are characteristic of children with low self-esteem. Those who try to get attention and try to get a negative reaction, because their fists itch or they are offended by the whole world.

Therefore, in this situation, the main strategy will be to ignore such children. If the offenders do not get what they want, then over time they will lag behind. One must be above this and not succumb to provocations. And most importantly, the baby should not believe in their words, since these are other people s inventions that are not supported by anything.

If a child has contacted bad company

You are not satisfied with the child s new friends, you should not forbid him to communicate with them. Otherwise, you will learn what rebellion and protest are. The best strategy is to find new, good friends for your little one.

These can be friends with the same interests (sports sections, music school, circles). When a child communicates with both, he will make the right choice himself. After all, we all want to be respected, appreciated and supported. And he can get this from good friends.

Don t show your fear

When a child is bullied or threatened, it is best to show your courage and confidence. So that the offender understands that he has contacted the wrong one. In no case should you show your fear, then the offender will feel his superiority. If it comes to assault, then you should respond in kind.

Do not impose stereotypes on your child that fighting is bad. Everyone should be able to defend themselves. So that your baby does not doubt his physical strength, it is better if the father regularly plays at half strength, playfully, to fight with him. And in the process, teach painful techniques.

Teach your child to say “no”

Your baby should understand that he always has a choice. And making his choice, he must start from his own desires. Then peers will not be able to force him to do what he does not want. If necessary, he will be able to refuse them.

Instill a child s interest in sports

Sport makes a child stronger, more confident, more disciplined. With these qualities, every athlete will be able to fend for himself. Usually, they do not climb up to athletes and are afraid to tell them too much, they are respected and honored at school.

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