How to win over any person?

Meeting people is not always pleasant and easy. Especially if a lot depends on the first impression, for example, whether you will be hired. In this case, you need to please the person and interest him in something. How to prepare for a meeting and easily win over anyone? The answers to these questions are covered in our article!


A sincere smile suggests that a person is glad to see and treat him kindly. It builds confidence and relieves stress. Therefore, a smile is an important element in self-presentation.

Interlocutor s name

All people are pleased when they are called by name, and not “poked” or “knocked out”. Ask the name of your interlocutor and say his name three times in the process of communication. It also increases the level of trust, also when a person is called by name, he listens more attentively to the information that was said after.

Active listening

Listen carefully to the interlocutor, ask him clarifying questions. Mirror his phrases, nod your head, notice important points. In no case do not interrupt the person, if you are not sure that he has finished his speech, it is better to ask him about it. Show your interest, curiosity – this will be a big plus.

Clear speech

Think of the teachers or instructors who taught a lesson or lecture, but no one understood anything, much less memorized anything. Because they told the material too quietly, boringly, without initiative, mumbling something under their breath. Did they make a pleasant impression on you? Most likely they were indifferent to you. To prevent the same from happening to you, your speech should be clear, loud and understandable.


If in the process of communication you have noticed some positive quality or an interesting thought, then you should not be afraid to talk about it. We all love compliments, but only when they are said to the point and to the point. Use this in dialogue to win over the person.

One language

Mutual interest generates one level of language. If your opponent often uses professional terms in speech, then you can notice this and also express your thoughts more professionally. This will help you understand each other better. And vice versa, if a person has a simple speech, then you should not complicate it with epithets and professional words.


The stress and the hustle and bustle are confusing for many people. Because of them, most of the important points are forgotten and overlooked. Calm people look more confident, can collect their thoughts, and control their emotions and behavior. Thanks to this, you will make fewer mistakes, do not seem clumsy person.


Jokes can defuse any situation, relax and evoke positive emotions. People who know how to be interesting and joke during the time are very highly valued. If you made a serious reservation during a public speech, then a joke can soften the situation. Everyone will forget about the mistake, but they will remember the joke.

End the conversation

A well-started meeting must also be successfully completed. In conclusion, you can take stock of the meeting, ask the remaining questions or clarify some points. To come to some kind of consensus, exchange contacts, wish good luck or express gratitude.

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