In-demand professions in the field of Internet marketing

What if you want to get an education in internet marketing? What skills, knowledge and skills does this direction require? Is there an opportunity to get an education in this area? What tools will you have to work with in internet marketing? You will find the answers to these questions in our article. Thanks to this article, you can choose the right direction in the field of Internet marketing.

Internet marketing is actions aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet. The main goal of internet marketing is to increase profits with the help of internet visitors.

In-demand professions

SMM manager Is a specialist who promotes a brand, product, services in social networks. He creates communities, fills them with content, attracts the attention of subscribers, organizes contests, promotions, responds to comments and works with targeted advertising.

Web analyst Is a specialist who collects and analyzes information about site visitors. He is also responsible for finding and fixing problems on the site. As a result, based on the collected data, this specialist offers effective solutions to increase website traffic.

Copywriter Is the person who creates the text content. He can write blog articles, advertising slogans, scripts for video clips, posts on social networks, e – mail newsletters.

SEO specialist – is engaged in the promotion of sites in search engines. He tries to improve the position of the site in the list of pages by studying search engine algorithms.

Email Marketer – this is a person who deals with mailing, with the aim of increasing the client base and sales.

Personal characteristics of a specialist in the field of Internet marketing

  • The effectiveness of professionals in this area depends not only on experience, but also on personal qualities. Specialists must have:
  • An analytical mindset, since it requires an analysis of one s own actions and the behavior of competitors;
  • Creativity – experimentation and creativity in problem solving are encouraged in this area;
  • Desire to constantly evolve – Internet marketing does not stand still, so you need to always be on top of what is happening;
  • Perseverance and attentiveness – this will be needed in the process of analyzing the customer s company, his audience to create creative advertising.

What do you need to know and be able to do?


  • Fundamentals of Marketing and Management;
  • IT-technologies market;
  • algorithms for the work of contextual advertising and the principles of SEO promotion;
  • English is not lower than average;
  • Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics settings;
  • target audience selection concepts;
  • have a general idea of ​​the design and usability of the site.


  • Formulate USP – a unique selling proposition;
  • own common advertising systems;
  • master the basics of copywriting;
  • conduct marketing research;
  • create quality content marketing;
  • competently conduct web analytics.

Where can you get an education in the field of Internet marketing?

The choice is actually very large, you can get higher education, secondary special or attend courses. Below we will present Universities in which there is an opportunity to get higher education.

1. Moscow Open Institute

Focus – Internet Marketing

Form of study – full-time, part-time

The term of study is from 4 years.

2. Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

Profile: Marketing and Brand Management

Full-time form of education

The term of study is 4 years

3. Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management

Institute – Advertising and Public Relations

Form of study – full-time, part-time

The term of study is 4 years

The working process

What are the job responsibilities of an internet marketer?

1. Development of a strategy for website promotion;

2. Increase the flow of applications, clients;

3. To increase the key indicators of the site;

4. Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

5. Setting up and managing targeted advertising;

6. Work in Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics;

7. Preparation of technical specifications for copywriters, designers, Email marketers.

An example of a technical assignment

Brand store of underwear “HK”


  • Increase the company s profits;
  • increase the number of sales;
  • increase the conversion from those who came to the site to those who bought;
  • change the system of discounts.


  • Creation of a bonus loyalty program;
  • Email – newsletter;
  • contests for users on social networks;
  • website design update.

What should you consider when looking for a job?

Basic requirements for the applicant:

1. Work experience over a year;

2. Have with you examples of projects from a previous place of work;

3. If you have no work experience, then with great difficulty you will be hired as an assistant;

4. Knowledge of English;

5. Availability of professional certificates;

6. Wages vary from 15,000 to 200,000 thousand rubles. depending on the complexity of the tasks;

7. Academic education is rarely required, but it is an advantage.

Internet Marketing Prospects

If we turn to SuperJob s research, then the professions related to Internet marketing are among the most in demand. And this demand is growing every day. Why is this area so popular?

1. Gradually increasing costs for Internet promotion. The Internet has a positive dynamic, in contrast to TV, radio and the press.

2. Recently, the number of Internet users has been growing very rapidly, and they stop using TV, listen to the radio and read the press.

3. Due to the recent events of the pandemic, most of the business went online.

Therefore, a good specialist in the field of Internet marketing, who will constantly develop and grow, will definitely not be left without work.

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