In what cases will a child psychologist help, and how to find a good specialist?

Many parents have experienced dramatic changes in their child s behavior. He ceases to trust adults, withdraws into himself, becomes uncontrollable, shows aggression. If conversations and punishments do not work, you need to see a good child psychologist. Only a professional can help fix the problem and improve family relationships. In what cases a child psychologist will help, and how to find a qualified specialist, we will tell you further.

When should you contact a child psychologist?

Psychologists in Russia are not popular, therefore they are rarely asked for help. Many people have no idea what the representatives of this profession are doing, and in what cases they can help. Here are a few situations when a child needs the help of a child psychologist:

  • Going to first grade, changing kindergarten or school. An adult does not regard such a situation as extraordinary, while for a baby it is a significant change in life that can cause a change in his behavior.
  • School performance has worsened. Sometimes it happens that in the elementary grades the kid was an excellent student, but in the 5-6 grade he ceases to understand subjects or loses interest in learning. The child psychologist will be able to determine why this is happening and advise how to solve the problem.
  • If a child is unable to concentrate, becomes lethargic or, conversely, very mobile, but devotes no more than a few minutes to one lesson, psychocorrection is necessary for him. Without the help of a specialist, parents usually write off this behavior as laziness or hooliganism.
  • Out of control. If adults notice that the baby has become aggressive, overly touchy, conflicted, his mood is constantly changing, this means that he needs a child psychologist.
  • The child is very shy, cannot get to know and talk to someone, or, on the contrary, has become hyperactive, conflicts with peers or young children. If there are no objective reasons for this behavior, you need to contact a good child psychologist.
  • The baby has no friends, he does not communicate with anyone and is looking for various reasons to justify his behavior in front of adults. This behavior needs to be corrected, and parents are not always able to find the cause of the problem and fix it on their own.
  • Jealousy for a younger brother or sister. Usually, the firstborn, surrounded by parental love and attention, experiences stress when the second child appears in the family. A child psychologist can help resolve a conflict.
  • The loss of a loved one or family member is a serious injury, which results in a changed behavior or character of the baby. Psychological assistance to children will help to solve the problem.
  • If a child witnesses a tragic event or observes quarrels, conflicts, fights within the family, this has a significant impact on his psyche and affects his behavior and interaction with family and peers.
  • Divorce of parents. The child loves both adults equally and is therefore seriously injured if they separate. A child family psychologist will tell you how to solve such a problem and not allow the baby to withdraw into himself.

These are the most common difficulties that no family is immune from. At the same time, specialists are faced with atypical situations in which their support is also required.

Whatever the problem, if adults understand that they are having difficulties with the child and they cannot help him, they need to contact a child psychologist.

What is the job of a child psychologist?

When seeking help from a child psychologist, adults need to understand that the child s problems are most often associated with his upbringing, and therefore with the wrong behavior of the parents. Therefore, it will not work just to give the baby to a specialist and wait for him to solve the situation on his own.

Solving children s problems means that a professional will work with each of the family members. Psychological support for parents of children is just as important as helping a child in difficulty. Correcting the situation means working alternately with adults and children, depending on how prepared they are.

The initial stage of work is diagnostics. Depending on the situation, she can explore the characteristics and level of the child s mental processes or study the relationship of the parents and the style of upbringing they have chosen.

Further actions of the psychologist are based on the data obtained and his specialization. It can be play therapy, art therapy, fairy tale therapy, psychocorrection – the methods are selected in accordance with age. For very young children, play techniques are used in which a specialist uses toys, a construction set, sand or other objects.

In the course of work, the child psychologist identifies the essence of the problem that has arisen and helps the child deal with it, increasing his confidence in his own capabilities and strengths. It reveals the creative possibilities of the baby, allows him to throw out hidden emotions in a form that is safe for his family members and those around him.

The help of a specialist is also necessary for older children. Teens can be consulted about future activities. A child family psychologist will conduct a consultation and a series of tests aimed at identifying tendencies towards a particular specialization and will help you choose the most suitable profession.

In addition to the children themselves, an experienced psychologist also works with adults. For them, a variety of conversations, training courses, trainings, seminars, joint classes in groups with other parents with similar problems are organized. The specialist explains how to raise a child correctly and identifies the most common mistakes.

In what cases will a child psychologist help, and how to find a good specialist?

In cases where the client cannot go to consultations, work with adults or children can be done via video communication.

You should seek help free of charge from a child psychologist assigned to the institution where the child is studying or receiving treatment. Usually, the specialist conducts initial diagnostics and gives advice, and he makes further behavior correction in private. Before you pay for his work, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the parents comments about the child psychologist in order to understand whether he can really solve the problem. Such information can be found on specialized forums, city sites, in thematic groups on social networks.

Why does a child need the help of a psychologist?

Often in parenting circles you can hear the opinion that seeking help from a child psychologist means recognizing a child as abnormal and signing your own powerlessness to establish relations with him. It is not true. As they get older and develop, children face certain age-related crises.

The most common age-related problems in children include graduation from school, changes in hormonal balance and changes in the body. Few adults know that consciousness changes much earlier – after birth, the child reacts vividly to the environment, and after 3 years it begins to actively change the world around him.

Similar situations occur approximately every 5 years. The kid is getting older, and his attitude to the surrounding reality and the world around him are changing. Childhood consciousness becomes different and faces difficulties that it often cannot solve on its own.

Adults who are busy with work or each other often do not notice that their child is changing and often themselves provoke a conflict that arises between the baby and the surrounding reality. In this case, the family and child psychologist will carry out most of the work with the parents in order to help them correctly understand the educational process and re-evaluate family relationships.

One of the popular problems children have is intense fears. They can interfere with the relationship between the child and the outside world. At the same time, adults may not pay attention to them and consider them groundless. The child psychologist will be able to identify the cause of the fear and help you deal with it.

Childhood neurotic manifestations are a common situation faced by parents. A child may bite their nails, scratch their skin or pull out hair, have frequent urination, or other painful problems. Instead of visiting a child psychologist, adults take children to doctors, who most often do not find any illnesses.

In babies under 10 years of age, neurotic reactions in most cases are manifested through physicality. Allergies, insomnia or drowsiness, headaches, colds, uncontrolled urination, persistent colds signal difficulties in the child s inner world.

In order to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to diagnose and make sure that there are no physical reasons for the disease. After these steps, you should seek help from a family and child psychologist.

Child psychologists: common misconceptions

Many adults misunderstand the profession of a child psychologist. They believe that such a specialist can only be a person who has his own child. This is mistake. A psychologist is a professional who influences a client using proven methods, the effectiveness of which is scientifically based. In this he differs from an ordinary parent, neighbor or grandmother who temporarily raise a baby as their own. For this reason, the absence of their own children and the corresponding parenting experience of a psychologist is not a reason for refusing to work with difficulties in raising a child in a family.

Another popular myth: a good psychologist for children has a lot of experience. Of course, this is an important quality, but, as practice shows, adolescents and toddlers interact more easily with young professionals than with older professionals. If a child psychologist has high-quality training, he will not have difficulties in communicating with children, even in the absence of work experience for many years.

The next common misconception is that a psychologist will prescribe medications. A specialist of this profile is not a doctor, which means that he has no right to prescribe drugs. If he finds that medication can help solve the problem, he will recommend contacting a medical facility.

Another dangerous myth: parents are sure that after contacting a child psychologist, the child will change his behavior and become obedient. It is not true. In order for the baby to be in harmony with the world around him again, a well-coordinated joint interaction of him, adults and a specialist is necessary.

You need to understand that a child psychologist should not subject a child to training, as well as lecture him and explain the rules of behavior. His main task is to establish trusting contact with his ward, let him open up, find the cause of anxiety and help deal with internal conflicts.

In what cases will a child psychologist help, and how to find a good specialist?


If parents discover that their child has seriously changed and these changes do not allow him to live normally, develop and interact with his family and the world around him, it is necessary to take timely measures and take him to a specialist. Beforehand, you should read the reviews about the child psychologist and make sure that the chosen professional is really able to help in solving the problem. The sooner work begins on correcting the current situation, the faster and easier the situation will be corrected, and the child will return to a harmonious state.

It is important to understand that a family and child psychologist is not a magician and is not able to instantly understand the problem and fix it with a snap of your fingers. Long-term work with a specialist of all family members will be required. It is necessary to be patient and be ready for changes in life, as well as to realize the responsibility for the baby and for personal decisions regarding the well-being of the family.

Important! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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