List of the most interesting books on psychology that everyone should read

Psychology books help a person to understand himself, his life and relationships with others. How often, finding themselves in difficult life situations, in moments of fear and despair, people strive to find answers to painful questions. And if there is no psychologist nearby, the book prompts, explains, leads to an understanding of the peculiarities of the human psyche. The works of famous psychologists of the world, which are most popular with readers, are included in the list of the 10 best books on psychology.

Brian Tracy “Change Your Mind – Change Your Life”

The book of a psychologist from Canada, the author of more than 60 works, is devoted to the ability to control thoughts. The subconscious mind captures all the ideas that are born in the brain. They are “recorded” and can materialize. Everything that a person thinks about is perceived as a command for action.

The writer and entrepreneur answers the question of why some people are successful and others are not. It offers an effective methodology for setting goals and overcoming challenges. The author of the bestselling book tells how to use the resources of the personal psyche to achieve success.

In the book, B. Tracy explains how you can unlock the enormous potential inherent in each person by nature, how to launch hidden inner forces. This knowledge acts as a magnet, attracting funds and the right people to achieve the intended goals.

The effectiveness of the principles of the author s concept has been proven. They have become part of the mindset of many leaders, winners, successful and wealthy people. After reading the book, you get an understanding of how to organize your own thoughts in order to gradually, step by step, achieve what you want. This book is a strategy and roadmap for success.

Tina Seelig “Do It Yourself”

As a teacher of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation course, the American writer has published a book of tips for those who want to master the breakthrough mindset. It is used as a practical guide for those who want to do business and learn how to solve problems without wasting time, effort and energy.

T. Seelig writes that success is quite real. By nature, a person is limited by his energy and imagination, and this prevents him from looking at many things from the other side and seeing them in a different light. One who is ready to “turn” the point of view in a diametrically opposite direction can become successful.

The author of the book says that any problem should be used to your advantage and treats it as a chance and a new opportunity. This approach is logically explainable: any decision is a path to development. If there is no problem, nothing needs to be solved, and the progress stops.

Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”

The book, with a circulation of 25 million, is the result of twenty years of research into the causes of success and failure. The sought-after writer and journalist studied the biographies of millionaires, interviewed individuals who reached the top.

The organizer of the “Academy of Individual Achievements” managed to draw conclusions and define 16 rules-steps, following which one can count on success in love, family relationships or making money. The narrator pays special attention to working on himself, the plan of action and purposefulness. How can you go to a goal that you can t see?

On the pages of one of the best psychological books, there is no single recipe for overcoming all failures. Hill makes it clear that everything that happens depends on the person and his thoughts. The philosophy of the book helps you to feel happier, perk up and live in harmony.

Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged”

The author of the novel, Alisa Rosenbaum, wrote under a pseudonym. It took a Russian immigrant to the United States about 12 years to create it. The work went out of print more than half a century ago, but remains one of the most widely read, leaving the Bible behind. This is one of the most upbeat and uplifting books on motivation.

Through the word, the book conveys the history of people s lives in a period of crisis and chaos. It depicts America s financial collapse due to the incompetence of leaders. They were replaced by “people of action” who became rich thanks to intellectual abilities, energy and work. They managed to restore order and raised the country.

The meaning put by the writer is the idea that a person may not have special talents and capabilities, but this should not prevent him from fighting for his goals and ideas. He can manage this struggle as he wants, and no one else.

Recommended for people striving for wealth and happiness. The story described affects the minds of several generations in a row, inspires, energizes.

Dale Carnegie “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”

Another book on the psychology of human relations belongs to the pen of the American psychologist Dale Carnegie. He gives a lot of useful advice on how to build relationships with loved ones and strangers, to win over the interlocutor, find mutual understanding and remove the barrier in communication.

The bestseller will help those who have not yet found themselves. He talks about the need to form a positive, not negative attitude towards everything that is nearby. When problems arise, instead of worrying, encourages to seek solutions.

In structure, the book is somewhat reminiscent of a collection of rules. In it, the author teaches how to avoid anxiety in response to criticism. Carnegie emphasizes the need to develop a state of mind that leads to peace, tranquility and happiness. Recommendations in the book about the psychology of communication Carnegie illustrates with vivid and easy-to-understand life examples.

List of the most interesting books on psychology that everyone should read

Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

The work of an American businessman with Japanese roots is among the psychology books worth reading. It is recognized as the best tool for building financial literacy. The bestseller, along with other developments and play sets, is based on the author s experience.

He expresses the opinion that people strive for material well-being. They would not have to fight for it throughout their lives if they were armed with an understanding of the laws and laws that attract money.

The concept chosen by the writer is based on a comparison of the philosophy of life of the two fathers and 2 different principles of economic education. As a child, Robert learned about them from his father and from another businessman, the father of his friend, who later became the richest inhabitant of Hawaii. He doubted the correctness of the point of view of the pope as a civil servant and achieved financial well-being.

The author of the book on psychology is sure that the school does not teach children the laws by which money functions. Therefore, they do not know anything about the secrets and taboos of the psychology of money. The book is intended for a wide audience.

Alan and Barbara Pease “New Body Language”

The bestselling edition is also one of the best psychological books and a handy tool for anyone looking to understand sign language. The ability to read thoughts by facial expressions and gestures often becomes a good help where it is impossible to judge the sincerity of the interlocutor s emotions and reasoning from the conversation. Unconscious gestures will tell you more than you think.

On the pages of the work, a couple of world-renowned experts on interpersonal relationships explain how to learn how to use “communication technology” and read a person like a book. Labor will become an advisor in a situation when you have to make the right decisions and choose the appropriate tactics of behavior.

The manual will help you understand people by noticing and analyzing their non-verbal impulses, intonation, demeanor and speaking. Studying the new, updated version of the book on relationship psychology is another stepping stone to success.

Robert Green “48 Laws of Power”

The work of a psychologist-publicist may well be used as a handbook for a person who wants to be a leader and manage people. Analyzing the specifics of power, he focuses on the development of strategic behavior and visionary thinking.

Its content contains information on how the laws of power operate, on the skills and abilities to win sympathy, to attract love to oneself. In the sections of this psychological book, methods of seduction, methods of obtaining power are indicated. The author develops rules that allow you to control the mood, emotions and thoughts of others and offers recommendations for their application in any situation.

For the reader s attention, Green offers analyzed situations and ways to solve them. He explains how to find a way out of difficult circumstances and do it with dignity and painlessness. Reading the book, subject to strict adherence to the rules, will result in real chances to rule. The book is illustrated, contains examples from history and allows you to look at the world in a different way.

Other interesting books on psychology

These are not all the best books on psychology, the list is far from complete. It can include other useful and informative essays. No less interesting studies of psychology are ranked in the category of the best. Here is a list of books worth reading as well.

The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Person

The author of the publication Stephen Covey writes about the psychology of management. It is recognized as the best guide to doing business. Of all the skills a business person needs, he chose the 7 most important ones that will definitely lead to a successful outcome of any undertaking.

Here are the techniques used in situations of cardinal metamorphosis. Most people have a fear of novelty and a fear of change, and old habits are not easy to give up. A baggage of knowledge on this topic will simplify the life of managers and will not interfere with those wishing to improve the quality of life.

“Money in your subconscious”

This research methodology belongs to the pen of a modern practicing psychologist and specialist in hypnosis Nikita Baturin. In a psychology book, he provides helpful advice on how to remove money blocks.

No less interesting is the 55+ exercises against panic and fear. In it, the writer explains that a person himself can overcome panic and fears, overcome psychosomatics, cope with mood swings, emotional breakdowns, and also increase self-confidence.

List of the most interesting books on psychology that everyone should read

“Hormones of happiness”

This is the title of a book on psychology that Loretta Graziano Breuning chose for her research. What she wrote is a call to “reboot”, to reverse the vector of thinking, to focus it on the positive and to always rejoice. The existing recommendations are aimed at a lifestyle in which the hormones of happiness endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin enter the body.

The list includes the best books on psychology that everyone should read. You can start reading books online right now. Perhaps, after reading, life will change for the better.

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