Occupations of the type “person – artistic image”

Professions of this type are suitable for people with developed imaginative thinking and a creative streak. Specialists working in the direction of “man – artistic image” are gifted with talent or have a vocation for this from an early age. Their activities are related to the design, creation, modeling, production of various works of art.


Labor content: There are a lot of directions in this profession, respectively, and the duties of each specialist are different. Designers can design advertisements on billboards, lightboxes, posters. Design printing products (leaflets, booklets, brochures). With the improvement of computer technology and the Internet, designers are still working in this area. They design websites, applications, social networks.

School items: history, literature, Russian language, mathematics

Pros of the profession:

  • You will have wide open spaces for creativity;

  • Affordable training;

  • Stable high income;

  • The profession is relevant and in demand.

Cons of the profession:

  • It is necessary to develop and be always in trend;

  • You may not have the same vision with the customer;

  • High probability of professional burnout.

Possible places of work: modeling agencies, IT agencies, advertising agencies, printing houses, publishing houses, architectural organizations.

Wage: 30,000 – 150,000 thousand rubles. in Russia. 40,000 – 180,000 thousand rubles. in Moscow.

Clip maker

Labor content: the main activity of a clip maker is the creation of commercials and music videos. Such specialists try to make a vivid, memorable image on the screen. He also directs the actions of the screenwriter, cameraman, stylists and make-up artists.

School items: literature, Russian, mathematics

Pros of the profession:

  • High profit payment;

  • An interesting and dynamic lifestyle;

  • New and useful acquaintances;

  • Creative self-realization.

Cons of the profession:

  • Irregularity of the working day;

  • Unstable wages;

  • Non-standard working conditions.

Possible places of work: advertising agencies, studios.

Wage: 30,000 – 150,000 thousand rubles. in Russia. 50,000 – 200,000 thousand rubles. in Moscow.

Film actor

Labor content: plays roles in films, commercials, TV shows, theater. The actor must be able to transform into the required image and evoke emotions of joy and emotions in the viewer. In order to work on a picture, an actor must pass a casting and several tests after which he can either be approved or not.

School items: literature, Russian, mathematics

Pros of the profession:

  • Interesting job;

  • The ability to travel;

  • Communication with creative people.

Cons of the profession:

  • Irregular work schedule;

  • Unstable earnings;

  • Lack of comfortable conditions.

Possible places of work: theater, cinema, circus, stage.

Wage: 20,000 – 200,000 thousand rubles. in Russia. 30,000 – 500,000 thousand rubles. in Moscow.

TV – Bayer

Labor content: these experts select from the collections of famous designers those things that then appear in fashion boutiques. When choosing things, they are guided by the requests of buyers. Bayer buys clothes not only for boutiques, but also for regular clothing stores. There are usually several such specialists on the staff of the store. Some choose women s clothing, others men s, others sports. The buyer also manages the arrangement and layout of things in the store.

School items: social studies, Russian, mathematics

Pros of the profession:

  • There is an opportunity to travel;

  • Involvement in the world of fashion;

  • New and interesting acquaintances with creative people.

Cons of the profession:

  • Risky and responsible work;

  • You need to always be in trend and follow the fashion;

  • Irregular working hours;

  • Frequent business trips.

Possible places of work: large shops, fashion boutiques, fashion agencies.

Wage: 30,000 – 90,000 thousand rubles. in Russia. 40,000 – 300,000 thousand rubles. in Moscow.

There are other types of professions:

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