Parapsychology – what it is, the history of the emergence and reliability of the science of the paranormal

Parapsychology is a science that studies the paranormal. It aims to study the supernatural abilities of humans and animals. Specialists use special methods to conduct research into various unexplained situations. Some people do not believe in this science, others are interested in what parapsychology is in simple words.

What is parapsychology?

Many people are interested in: parapsychology – what is it? This term refers to the science that studies the paranormal. Also, parapsychology is a science that studies the extrasensory attitude to the world. Unusual events can be explained without using the senses.

Parapsychologists often use the term “psi factor”. It is used to refer to the paranormal abilities of humans and animals.

Today psychology and parapsychology distinguish a number of paranormal phenomena:

  1. Telekinesis – This ability involves moving objects using the power of thought.
  2. Telepathy – it is the transmission of thoughts at a distance.
  3. Clairvoyance – there is also clairaudience. These abilities consist in the fact that a person is able to see or hear what is not available to other people. In books on parapsychology, you can also find other terms – “clear-sense” and “clear-smell”.
  4. Clarity – This ability can be compared to intuition. At the same time, a person clearly knows what he needs to do, but at the same time does not have the appropriate experience and does not understand where this information came from.
  5. Precognition – this term refers to the ability of people to predict the future. It is also called proscopy.
  6. Far-seeing – this ability helps to understand what is happening at significant distances from a person.
  7. Retroscopy – this concept includes a person s ability to see the past.
  8. Suggestion – this term is understood as the ability to induce a person to perform certain actions.
  9. Pyrokinesis – with this ability, a person can ignite objects with the power of thought.
  10. Retropsychokinesis – this concept includes a kind of telekinesis. At the same time, a person is able to influence events from the past.
  11. Poltergeist – books on parapsychology explain this term as a general concept of the paranormal. This can be the involuntary movement of objects, unexplained noises and other events.
  12. Dowsing – a person endowed with this ability can find objects in space and read information using the energy field. Usually such people use special pendulums. They can also apply frames.
  13. Psi healing – it is also called bioenergetic. This term is understood as the treatment of pathologies at the energy level.
  14. Channeling – this term means communication with higher powers.
  15. Ghost – this concept includes the soul of the deceased.
  16. Astral Double – it represents the separation of the energy copy from the physical body. In fact, this term is understood as a ghost with a living person. There is also the concept of astral projection. It implies the exit of consciousness or soul from the physical body and its movement in the universe.
  17. Spiritualism – this phenomenon involves communication with deceased people. Usually, when conducting sessions, they use various devices – in particular, special boards.
  18. Reincarnation – this concept includes the transmigration of the soul. She moves from one body to another.
  19. Materialization of thoughts – in this case, what a person thinks about is embodied in life.
  20. Teleportation – this concept implies fast movement in space.
  21. Skin-optical perception – with this ability, a person can read text or determine shade using tactile contact.
  22. Levitation – this ability helps to rise above the surface of the earth and stay there for a certain time.

Practical parapsychology is aimed at studying not only people, but also animals. The psi factor lies in their ability to perceive paranormal phenomena with the senses. So, many researchers are sure that animals are able to see ghosts.

It is worth noting that parapsychology has a close relationship with other teachings. It is compared with occultism, astrology, magic. Also, science is interconnected with esotericism. A key feature of parapsychology is that scientific methods are used to explain the paranormal.

The history of the emergence of science

Parapsychology for beginners dates back to the nineteenth century. During this period, the United States and England organized the Societies for Psychical Research. They consisted of scientists, philosophers, politicians. These organizations also included psychologists and teachers. One of them was founded by the American scientist William James.

Such societies studied various phenomena – in particular, telepathy, spiritualism, clairvoyance. So, a key achievement of the organization s work was the study of people who had hallucinations. Then this phenomenon was explained by the ability to see ghosts.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the paranormal began to be studied at Stanford University. Subsequently, research continued at Duke University. As a result, the Parapsychology Association was formed in 1957.

The peak of the development of science fell on the seventies of the twentieth century. During this period, there were many parapsychological associations. They studied a variety of phenomena, including reincarnation, non-corporeal experiences.

At the end of the twentieth century, the popularity of science began to gradually decline. However, she has not disappeared anywhere. It s just that research has become less active.

In the twenty-first century, parapsychology was replaced by a serious interest in mysticism and esotericism. This can be seen in the development of culture. So, today there are many books and films on this topic. They, in particular, reflect the interest in the work of parapsychologists.

It can be explained by the increased attention to mysterious phenomena. At the same time, the use of scientific methods in parapsychology is closer to the sophisticated Western society. People who are drawn to Eastern teachings do not need proof of unusual phenomena. They use spiritual practices to help them explore these aspects.

The most accessible and popular experiment of parapsychologists is the study of the psychic abilities of people. In this case, a person must guess the color of the cards or the text that is hidden from him. The greatest difficulty is understanding in what state human abilities are best manifested.

Modern society takes the perspectives of parapsychology seriously. This is due to the development of technical progress and the emergence of new methods for studying paranormal phenomena that were previously unavailable. In addition, official science is going through a period of stagnation. In such circumstances, increased attention is paid to alternative sciences. One of them is parapsychology.

The credibility of science

Many people ask the question: parapsychology – what is it, is it possible to trust parapsychologists. In fact, the question of faith cannot be considered correct. When creating their ideas, people usually use the formed views on life and the picture of the world. They rarely rely solely on facts.

Parapsychology - what it is, the history of the emergence and reliability of the science of the paranormal

If you read books on parapsychology, you can distinguish several points of view. Parapsychologists believe that all the phenomena they study exist. At the same time, science does not have enough means to understand their origin and prove their existence. In addition, supporters of the paranormal often note the inertia of scientists who do not recognize their findings.

People who are supporters of mainstream science argue that there is no evidence of paranormal activity. At the same time, when forming conclusions, parapsychologists neglect scientific methods. Fans of parapsychology retort that scientists also failed to reasonably prove the absence of mysticism.

Another opinion belongs to the esotericists. They say that these aspects are included in the spiritual realm. Therefore, they cannot be learned by scientific methods or explained in reliable ways. This opinion is somewhat shared by parapsychologists. They argue that there are many subtleties in their research.

Such controversies can last quite a long time until science can accurately prove a certain point of view. Until then, faith will remain a matter of choice for each person.

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