Practical tips for overcoming fears

Fear is the most powerful emotion, legs tremble from it, heart pounds, palms sweat, breathing quickens. Fear serves as a protective function in a dangerous situation and greatly interferes when we cultivate it with the help of our imagination. We have known the feeling of fear since childhood. A child is afraid of injections, a teenager is taking exams, a young man makes a mistake, an employee is fired, a woman cannot find the one, a man is responsible. Fear plays an important role in our life, as our physical and psychological health depends on it. In this article, we ll look at ways in which you can overcome your fears.

Rationalizing fear

Let s imagine a situation, you need to speak in public. You have prepared a report and are waiting for your release. While you wait, you feel anxiety, your thoughts begin to get confused, you are afraid that you will start to stutter or make a reservation. You worry that your report is not interesting and no one will listen to you.

In such situations, it is worth looking at all this from the other side. Thanks to your report, you will convey useful information to people. Share with them the results of your work, maybe even inspire someone with your ideas. Focus your attention on what you are doing this for? How can you benefit from this activity? Then the fear will leave you.

Introduce philosophy into your life

Life is very unpredictable, so it is difficult to predict events in advance. In order not to fall into panic and despair, you need to treat life philosophically.

“The girl didn’t like it, it’s unpleasant – it means that she is not the person I need”

“It s scary to go to the dentist, but after that the pain won t bother you”

“Changing jobs is scary – changing jobs leads to development”

Work on your courage

You are not born brave, you become brave. Therefore, this quality must be developed. The advantage of C grade students over excellent students is that the former are brave, and the latter are simply smart. Success is achieved by those people who take risks. Remember success and comfort are incompatible things. It s hard to succeed when you re sitting in a swamp of comfort.

Afraid of heights – climb on the roof, climb the mountain.

If you are afraid to be guilty, try not to make excuses after another mistake.

Afraid to voice your opinion – it s time to start doing it.

Distract yourself from scary thoughts

Are panicky thoughts reappearing in your head? Try to mentally depict them on a piece of paper, write or draw. Once the sheet is finished, crush and burn your creation. And feel relief after that.

Change the record

If in your head fear revolves around the same thought, then you need to puzzle the brain with another thing. Listen to your favorite music, call friends, play sports, be distracted by work. Choose a business that you like and can calm you down.

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