Professions for sociable people

Do you enjoy interacting with people? Make new friends? Do you feel comfortable in a large society? Then professions of the “person-to-person” type may suit you, the peculiarity of these professions is that you will constantly need to interact with people (clients, patients, consumers). How does this type of profession differ from the rest, what advantages and disadvantages can be distinguished in this direction? You can find the answer to these questions in our article!

Personal characteristics of a specialist

  • Punctuality;
  • Benevolence;
  • Tolerance;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Empathy.

Professional characteristics of a specialist

Good speech preparation. Speech should be loud, clear and free from defects;

External attractiveness. So that people themselves reach out to you for help, advice and feel comfortable with you;

Physical endurance. Since in addition to communicating with people in some professions, the use of physical strength is assumed;

Knowledge of human psychology. Situations at work can be different, but you should always be one step ahead.

Benefits of professions

  • Free work schedule;
  • The demand for the profession;
  • Demand for professions abroad;
  • Possibility of receiving state prizes and awards.

Expressed abilities

  • Organizational skills;
  • Ability to control your behavior and emotions;
  • Ability to understand human relationships;
  • Ability to quickly find a common language with other people;
  • Good memory.

Professional contraindications

Professions of the “person-to-person” type are not recommended for people who have the following characteristics:

  • Physical disabilities;
  • Hatred of people;
  • Closure;
  • Slowness;
  • Bright speech defects.

legal sphere

Occupational risks

  • Working under stressful conditions;
  • High responsibility;
  • Standing work or sedentary work;
  • The need for constant self-development.

External requirements for the employee

Each profession has its own requirements. Office workers must maintain a business style, specialists working in large companies must wear uniforms, medical workers in overalls, educators must dress modestly (without deep necklines, large jewelry, bright accessories).

List of possible professions

In this direction, 6 subtypes of professions can be distinguished, let s consider them with you.

Sphere of education and upbringing (teachers, educators, teachers, trainers);

Legal direction (judge, notary, lawyer, prosecutor);

Medical field (doctors, nurses, cosmetologists);

Trade and catering (sellers, marketers, waiters, bartenders);

Consumer and social services (bank employee, social worker, sports club administrator).

Work tasks of specialists

Here are some examples of work tasks for specialists who work in the human-to-human sphere.

  1. The psychologist provides consulting assistance, conducts training sessions for the development of certain human abilities. Organizes educational and diagnostic work.

  2. A bank employee carries out advisory work, opens and closes bank accounts, draws up loans, bank cards, accepts various payments.

  3. Call center operator. Receives incoming calls, works with customer requests, provides the necessary information, enters the customer base.

  4. The doctor identifies the causes of the disease, observes the symptoms of diseases, conducts treatment procedures, and prescribes treatment.

Job search methods

In order to find a good job, the first step is to contact your friends and ask if there is a vacant position in their organizations. Many doctors study by referral, and after that they have to work for several years in the place from which the referral was. You can see the availability of vacancies on the websites of the organizations that interest you. And also contact the employment center or post a resume on labor sites.

work experience

Since work is related to the interaction of people, then there are strict requirements for work experience. Employers prefer to choose experienced professionals and refuse newcomers. So, the sooner you start earning money in this area, the more likely you are to get the desired job.

Place of work and the possibility of combining with studies

Workers in this area mainly work in office premises, so the working conditions can be called favorable. Some professions can be combined with studies. Since not everywhere a full time is required. Call center operators can work in the evening shift from 4 to 6 hours. Medical workers have the opportunity to earn extra money in polyclinics in shifts. Psychologists can work as external specialists, come a couple of times a week and give classes.

Perspectives of professions like “person – person”

With the advent of new technologies, people are trying to systematize their work and replace ordinary employees with robots. For example, self-checkout counters, robots delivering goods. But so far all this has not been improved and is expensive. Educators, trainers, teachers, administrators and other workers are in demand in the labor market. Therefore, try to choose exactly that field of activity that cannot be replaced by robots.

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