Professions related to the world of signs

Do you like performing calculations, making drawings, developing diagrams, writing texts? If the answer is yes, then you should pay attention to professions that belong to the type of person – sign system. People who are predominantly inclined to these types of profession are able to accumulate information, process the information received, store it and exchange useful information. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the professions of the type “person – sign system”.

Requirements for the personal qualities of a specialist

  • The presence of visual – figurative and logical thinking;
  • The predominance of mechanical and analytical memory;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Accuracy;
  • Ability to operate with representations;
  • Ability to make non-standard decisions;
  • Accuracy.

Basic skills

  • Selective attention to quickly find the necessary information and errors in the text;
  • The ability to quickly switch attention to do several tasks at the same time;
  • Ability to translate complex algorithms into simpler ones;
  • Ability to think critically and analyze information.
  • Expressed interests (areas of expertise)
  • Good math skills;
  • Knowledge of English is at least intermediate;
  • High speed when solving complex problems and puzzles;
  • Ability to analyze, generalize various kinds of information in the form of diagrams, tables, signs.

Medical contraindications

  • Visual and hearing impairment;
  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Violation of the functions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Impaired coordination of hand movements.

External requirements for the employee

Due to the fact that most of the employees work in the office, they must wear a strict business suit.

Possible professions

If professions are considered through the object of labor, then 4 types can be distinguished:

Work related to texts, tables, books, documents. In such work, such a system sign as language prevails. The main professions are: linguists, journalists and legal professionals.

Working with numbers, formulas and signs. Specialists who work in this area translate signs that are difficult for an ordinary person to understand into existing objects or images. This is what physicists, accountants, pharmacists do.

The third type is working with schematic images, drawings and maps. These specialists translate signs into specific images of existing objects and vice versa. These directions include: radio direction finding, cartography, geography.

The fourth type is working with the Internet, computers and various information systems. Representatives of this type have a good command of numbers, schemes, and know how to concentrate their attention for a long time. As an example, the following professions can be cited: PC operator, web analyst, programmer.

Work tasks performed by specialists

Professionals of this type of profession are well versed in conventions, texts, tables. For example, an accountant must maintain a large workflow, check the accuracy of filling out forms, store documents in accordance with the requirements and send them to the right people.

The logist develops the most optimal delivery scheme, delivers and stores goods, maintains the appropriate documentation. He is responsible for the integrity, quantity and arrival time of the goods.

The Internet project manager is working on creating a website. Develops its concept, comes up with a structure, takes care of the information that will be on the site. Calculates the timing and financial component of the Internet project.


Job search methods

Specialists in this field can find a job with the help of friends, on job sites, through participation in competitions from companies, on special forums.

Place of work and the possibility of combining with studies

Such professions as a programmer, marketer, web analyst allow you to work remotely. Accountants, sound technicians, radio operators mostly work offline. Also, part-time work is possible for any position, many employers are willing to pay for hourly work.

work experience

Employers always give priority to more experienced specialists who have the appropriate education, additional training courses. Newcomers to this business have much less choice, and if you are lucky, you may be hired for an internship or as an assistant.

Perspectives of professions of the type “person – sign system”

With the development and improvement of computer technology, this direction in the future will only expand and transform even more. Over the past 5 years, many new professions have appeared in this field of activity, educational institutions do not have time to develop programs for mastering these professions. Employers are interested in proactive, creative and experienced employees.

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