Psychological portrait of a self-sufficient person

Most likely, you have come across the term “self-sufficient woman”, “self-sufficient person”, “self-sufficiency”, but everyone understands this term in their own way. What does it really mean? Let s figure it out with you.

Self-sufficiency is a state of a person in which he feels whole, full, completely satisfied with himself and his life in general. In everyday life, self-sufficiency is manifested in the form of professionalism, respect for the individual, love and understanding in the family, and the absence of material problems.

Personal characteristics of a self-sufficient person

You can define a self-sufficient person by the following criteria:

They do not seek to reeducate other people.

Calm about flaws or oddities. It is believed that every person, with a strong desire, can change for the better. Therefore, you will not hear criticism from such people, not in the case.

They have no fear of being alone

Such people know how to have a great time both in the company and alone with themselves. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend interesting and useful time for themselves. Their happiness does not depend on other people.

They have no affection.

A self-sufficient person does not become attached to other people, place of residence, his job or any habits. If necessary, such a person can break loose and start moving in the direction of interest.

Purposeful and self-confident

Thanks to these qualities, a person without outside help achieves his goals. And in the process of achieving it develops and learns itself from the other side.

Live for themselves

A self-sufficient person has a healthy egoism. Which allows them to successfully take care of themselves. Such people are difficult to confuse or redirect. They always know what they want, and can easily refuse what does not suit them.

The principles of self-sufficient people

The following principles make life easier for self-sufficient people and contribute to their self-development. They are guided by the following rules:

  1. You can never blindly trust people;

  2. To build a happy future, you need to let go of the past;

  3. The main cause of degradation is self-pity;

  4. You should always be honest and frank with yourself;

  5. Self-development is the ticket to a happy life.

To develop your own personality, you need to have self-discipline, willpower and a strong desire to change. The difficulty lies only in the fact that changes do not occur in a week. It takes them much longer.

How to develop self-sufficiency in yourself?

If you want to develop self-sufficiency in yourself, then for this it is best to follow these steps:

  1. Try to be simple and rational about any situation. Do not worry too much when you are criticized or, on the contrary, be too happy when praised;

  2. Do not treat loneliness as something terrible. And as an opportunity for self-development and personal growth. Try to make your time usefully;

  3. Strive to solve your problems on your own, without outside help;

  4. Analyze your actions, thoughts;

  5. Find the strength to get rid of unnecessary people, things, habits;

  6. Be curious, act out of sincere desire, not under the gun of fear;

  7. Take charge of your life. Serve yourself on your own, fulfill your whims, cheer yourself up, set goals on your own.

Useful conclusion:

A self-sufficient person is a person who feels completely complete and does not experience dependence on other people, bad habits, and finances. They know their worth and do not doubt their abilities. Such people know that their own happiness depends only on themselves. They tend to fulfill their plans and desires first, and then talk about it out loud.

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Vasily Tymoshchuk on Unsplash

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