Recommendations for parents on career guidance

Parents play an important role in the child s self-determination. They support, help and guide. They are very worried about their child and want only the best for him. But how to competently help a child so that it works and does not harm? We will analyze this today in our article!

What mistakes do parents make when choosing a profession?

  1. Many parents are convinced that a child should choose his or her profession for life. They do not take into account the unstable economy in our country, constant changes in the profession market. Now many have the opportunity to retrain, learn for a new profession. Over time, people s interests and preferences change, so this is a misjudgment.
  2. Some parents make choices under the influence of relatives, friends, or acquaintances. This is also not the right strategy, other people, of course, know more what your child needs and care very much about him.
  3. Start only from the school subjects of the child, with which he successfully copes. In addition to school subjects, there are many more factors to consider.
  4. To impose your point of view and desires on the child. Then he will learn only to please you. And it is not a fact that in the future he will work by profession.
  5. Offer your child professions about which you have a superficial knowledge. This is basically how schoolchildren choose their professions; they do not have deep knowledge about attractive professions. The task of parents and teachers is to provide more detailed knowledge about a particular profession.

Why is it difficult for a student to make his or her professional choice?

  1. Insufficient knowledge of the required subject. For example, a child wants to become an engineer, but for this he is not ready to cram physics. Since she is not interesting to him and physics is an obstacle for the child. In addition to school subjects, health, physical fitness, etc. can be obstacles.

  2. The child is doing well, but there is no strong interest in anything. In this case, it is better to take the child to a psychologist; during the consultation, the specialist will help the student realize which profession will bring him more satisfaction.

  3. On the contrary, schoolchildren have a bad study, but they need to move somewhere. First of all, you need to work on the child s self-esteem. Explain that life is not measured by school standards. In adulthood, success is achieved by those who are not afraid to make mistakes and do what they like. After that, it is worth starting from the interests of the child, and not from school subjects.

  4. Many children are afraid of not enrolling in a prestigious university and losing a whole year of study. In this case, you need to consider fallbacks. The state provides an opportunity to submit documents to five universities. Explain to your child that the prestige of a university does not always mean quality training. Well, if all the same it really does not work out to enter the desired educational institution, then it will be possible to properly prepare and earn extra money in a year.

  5. The child wants to become a teacher, but the parents claim that this is a low-paid profession. If your child has tendencies, abilities for this and he can enjoy his activities, is payment so important in this case? Many office workers receive high wages, live in good apartments, but every day they go gray, sad and do not know how to enjoy life. And all because they are not doing what they would like. Teachers, in addition to working at school, earn extra money as tutors, in private development clubs, and this is a good increase in salary.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Remember that future well-being and a happy life largely depends on the choice of a profession. Therefore, the most important thing is for your child to enjoy work;

  2. When choosing a profession, start from the desires, abilities and capabilities of the child;

  3. Listen to your child and correct if there is a misconception in his judgments;

  4. Take your child s career choice seriously;

  5. Watch your child. What he does best of all, with great pleasure and without any problems;

  6. Do not hesitate to consult with professionals, they may notice exactly what you and your child cannot see.

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