Review of the best books on child psychology for parents

Parents often find it difficult to find a common language with their own children. After all, not everyone is able to understand the peculiarities of the psyche of a child. Child psychology for parents is a very important area of ​​knowledge. Appropriate recommendations come to the rescue if the child begins to be capricious, often quarrels with peers, demonstrates a complex character. Psychological books help adults to reach rapport with young children.

What are the main features of the psyche of children?

Childhood is sometimes an active cognition of the world. At the age of three to six years, the basic qualities of character are laid. The child still does not understand many things, but he completely trusts his parents. Mom and Dad are the main authority for the baby.

It is enough just to deceive the child. After all, he still does not know how to unconditionally distinguish between truth and error. The child s thoughts have not yet been put into the correct form. He knows no logic. The child lives in the power of his own fantasies. The kid s idea of ​​the world around him is in many ways mistaken.

The books on child psychology and education also tell about the external vulnerability, helplessness of the baby. In fact, children know very well how to get what they want from their parents. They often use emotions to get what they want from their parents. Therefore, children can be called “little manipulators”, consciously controlling adults to achieve their own goals.

In most cases, a baby s negative emotions should not be considered a cause for concern or a sign of dissatisfaction. Rather, it is a game on the feelings of adults, a kind of method that helps to achieve the desired goal.

In books about the psychology of children, you can also read about the period of growing up. At this time, children actively interact with each other: they communicate, start joint games, make friends. School time is a time in which conflicts between peers often develop. During this period, an active formation of the child s character takes place, his individuality is laid.

At the stage of growing up, the child is greatly influenced by the historical and cultural traditions left over from previous generations. He perceives social values ​​as his own. The knowledge comprehended by a teenager contributes to the development of his individual abilities.

During the period of growing up, the child is introduced to such values ​​as friendship, patriotism, love. Socialization helps to instill male qualities in adolescent boys, teaches girls to try on the role of wife and mother.

Books on child psychology for psychologists for more parents seem to be a “confusing maze.” It is quite easy to get lost in them and draw the wrong conclusions. But a careful reading of books on child psychology teaches you to avoid many fatal mistakes.
Best books on child psychology for parents

Designed for caring and considerate parents, child and adolescent psychology provides many worthwhile tips for raising the younger generation. This is a whole treasury of valuable knowledge.

Books on child psychology teach to learn about the world of a teenager, to unravel the motives of his actions. Such works have absorbed the advice of experienced specialists about the harmonious upbringing of the younger generation and the mistakes that adults often make.

Janusz Korczak s book on child psychology

There are many great books on child psychology for parents worth checking out. The work “How to Love a Child” was written by Janusz Korczak, a worthy citizen of his country, acting as a defender of orphans. Like all the best books on child psychology, it contains many recommendations. The work tells how to find the key to the heart of a new generation, preserving its dignity. Janusz Korczak s book on child psychology is imbued with a deep sense of love for every little person.

The author of this work had a chance to instill a love of life in many children. Therefore, his book on child psychology is worth reading without any hesitation. A talented work teaches how to love and care for the younger generation.

A book about child psychology by Anna Bykova

All mothers of schoolchildren should read a book about child psychology for parents online for free. The recommendations presented in the work help:

  • decide on the choice of an educational institution;
  • develop the correct attitude towards the assessments of your own children;
  • become useful in the child s assimilation of the school curriculum.

The work also covers more serious problems of adolescents. Such problems include infringement of the rights of the child by teachers and bullying by peers. The book “Schoolchildren of the“ Lazy Mom ”” teaches you to easily survive this difficult stage in life: without anxiety and stress.

The book “On the meaninglessness of educating adolescents” by Dima Zitser

This book on the psychology of children is about the transition period. At this stage, there is a restructuring of the body, due to the “play of hormones”. It is often difficult for adolescents to restrain themselves due to their immaturity and emotional lability. The book on parenting and psychology of children shows the fine lines of the psyche of a teenager. It details how parents need to deal with their teen s feelings.

The work “Do not shout at children”

The best books on child psychology for parents advise not to have raised conversations with your child. But in reality, it can be very difficult to implement such a recommendation.

Even from a very difficult situation, there will certainly be a reasonable way out. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to sink to a scream. This is the conclusion that the experienced psychologist Daniele Novara managed to achieve.

Important! In a well-thought-out book, one of the best child psychologists advises on how to find the right topics in communication with teenagers without using an imperative tone. The work helps to smooth out family conflicts.

This is a great book on child psychology and for a psychologist. The main key idea of ​​the work is to protect the dignity of a teenager. His humiliation can cause complexes that negatively affect the fate of the child.

Review of the best books on child psychology for parents

Revelation “Communicate with a child. How?” Julia Gippenreiter

An interesting work reveals the main subtleties of child psychology, which are important for the information of parents. In this book, the author explains the various nuances of raising children, provides valuable explanations and advice. The storylines that formed the basis of the work are based on real events. Julia herself had to find contact with difficult teenagers. From communication with children, she made many useful observations, with which she later decided to share with the readers. According to an authoritative psychologist, contact with adolescents presupposes the presence of sincere love and calmness.

Book “Secret Support: Attachment in a Child s Life”

The book by Lyudmila Petranovskaya is devoted to such an important aspect in the fate of a child as affection. With prolonged separation from parents in the first years of life, children can get serious mental trauma. After all, kids are very attached to adults.

In the absence of a loved one nearby, whose care is as necessary as air, the still fragile psyche is subjected to a strong test. It will take many years until a grown-up child finds the strength to solve life problems on his own, without the help of his parents.

“What to do if a child drives you crazy” by Ed Le Shan

All the recommendations presented in the book can be called practical meaningful. The work teaches how to settle conflict situations, helps to look for ways to resolve difficult situations.

Parents need to cope with their own anger and resentment to “settle” conflicts, the epicenter of which has to be a child. This will allow you to consider in detail the motives of the baby s behavior.

The best method in upbringing, according to the author, is his own example. The care and love of parents can make a full-fledged personality out of a notorious bully. The work of the famous American psychologist is worth reading not only for parents, but also for specialists.

Donald Woods Winnicott “Little Children and Their Mothers”

According to the famous English psychiatrist, any woman has a chance to become the best mother in the world. Some of the moments described in the work seem shocking. They are shown as truthfully as possible.

Many mothers after childbirth are not psychologically prepared for raising children. Women face irritability, fatigue, and anxiety. They don t feel confident about the new quality. In order to become a wonderful mother, you need to surround your child with care and attention. To do this, a woman will need to believe in her own potential.

A book about imperfect parents

The work “Toxic Parents” was written by a famous foreign psychotherapist. Susan Forward brings up such a complex topic as child abuse. The work aims to debunk the myth of the ideality of parents.

Adults who are dominated by their own problems can traumatize the psyche of children. As a result, they cause moral distress or physical harm to babies.

The work describes situations that have arisen due to improper parenting of children. The book also pays attention to how to forget the sad past, forgive offenders and make the child s perception of the world correct.

Pamela Druckerman “French children don t spit food. Secrets of education from Paris “

According to many, the French have the most obedient and well-mannered children. At the same time, parents do not care too much about their upbringing. But this only seems to foreigners from the outside. This opinion can be called erroneous and superficial. It s just that France has excellent conditions for raising children:

  • the payment of good benefits;
  • availability of teachers with extensive experience;
  • free colleges.

At the same time, a great merit in shaping the character of children belongs to parents. Kids are taught to be independent from a young age. And the fact that, in principle, nothing reprehensible can happen to children can be considered the merit of the French developed society as a whole.

Key recommendations

Without reading specialized literature, parents can make many fatal mistakes that will negatively affect the character of the child. There is a wealth of useful information in children s books on psychology. Many works can be read on the Internet for free.

If parents find it difficult with the reasons for the bad behavior of their children, you can consult with a specialist. For inexperienced moms and dads, many courses have been created in which they teach to understand their own child. At each of the lessons, various options for overcoming difficulties in raising a son or daughter, methods of eliminating family troubles are analyzed in detail.

Review of the best books on child psychology for parents

Additional methods for solving psychological problems

Various exercises also allow you to throw out negative emotions. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the body. Modeling, dancing, painting also have a positive effect on health.

The following medicinal plants have a pronounced calming effect:

  • lavender;
  • valerian roots;
  • motherwort;
  • needles;
  • stinging nettle.

Herbal baths have a positive effect on the child s psyche. You can take note of the following simple recipe:

  1. 500 grams of pre-dried chamomile inflorescences are poured with 1 liter of water at room temperature. When preparing a drink, use glass or enamel dishes.
  2. The container with the resulting mixture is covered with a lid. The drink is cooked over low heat for 10 minutes.
  3. After the specified time, the medicinal broth is filtered and poured into the bath. This procedure has a calming effect on the child, making it easier to fall asleep.

If there is an understatement in communicating with children, it is worth consulting with a competent psychotherapist. Such a specialist has a sincere interest in solving the problems of parents who are at a standstill. The psychologist will help to find mutual understanding with the child, create a warm atmosphere in the family, and discover positive traits in the character of the little man.

IMPORTANT! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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