Review of the best books on the psychology of relationships between women and men

If a person has gone through three divorces, can they write a book on relationship psychology that women will want to read? Perhaps such an author is too stubborn or stupid, since he could not find a suitable match for himself. But everything is not so simple here.

Relationship psychology

At first glance, it seems that in order to get to know a person properly, you need to communicate with him and as much as possible, without burdening yourself with obligations. In fact, everything is a little different. For any person, regardless of gender, after marriage, the behavior becomes different. And only those who set foot on this path are able to understand the other side of life.

However, there is another equally effective way – to find a specialist who will give his objective opinion. But it is worth returning to books – can they give what is needed?

Features of choice

Below is a list of books that are worth reading. They are sorted based on the frequency of mentions from readers. At the same time, many works were written by women, but some publications were compiled by representatives of the stronger sex with a bit of male objectivism.

To choose the right book on the psychology of relationships, a woman should make a comparison with the heroes of the works. Perhaps you will find similar character traits, habits, manners and other points. And the answers will allow you to find a book to suit your needs.

Now about the criteria themselves:

  1. To begin with, a woman (girl) has to describe her social status – a student, a master of her craft, divorced or not.
  2. Formulate a clear goal – a husband with whom to raise children, a passing hobby, sponsorship.
  3. Assess the expectations of the print media and the ability to follow the advice given therein.
  4. Weigh the odds – which turns out to be better: read a few books or go to a professional who specializes in relationships.

Guided by this algorithm, a woman is able to understand the real state of affairs in the current relationship. No princes and rose-colored glasses, which is why there is no sense – only harsh reality. Only with this approach will there be a book on the psychology of relationships that promises changes in life.

Once again, it is worth considering the service of an outsider, because no book publication is capable of asking leading questions. It is just a psychologist who can analyze the situation of the client who turned to him, and also feel his hardships and deprivations on himself.

15 recognized masterpieces in psychology

Now the promised list of books about the psychology of relationships between a man and a woman, recommended for reading by both sexes:

  • Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Men by Barbara De Angelis.
  • “Become happy in 21 days. The Ultimate Self-Love Course “from Louise Hay.
  • Book “Don t growl at the dog! A book about training people, animals, and yourself, ”compiled by Karen Pryor.
  • Lena Lenina presents her essay in the face of the publication “NLP Men (Love Revolution)”.
  • Actually the stronger sex – Alexander Sviyash, wrote a work called “Start to live anew. 4 steps to a new reality ”.
  • Another edition from a professional man Mikhail Litvak Efimovich with a simple but capacious title “Man and Woman”.
  • From the pen of Denis Baiguzhin came the book “How to find, conquer and keep a worthy man.”
  • Elena Vos released her vision to the book “Rules for Successful Dating for Girls”.
  • From Professor Loretta Breuning, readers will find useful information from the book “Hormones of Happiness”.
  • One of the best books on the psychology of relationships between a man and a woman was written by Elena Gamayun “Stop being a good girl, start living”, where you can also learn something useful for yourself.
  • Writer Robin Norwood also has something to tell – “Women who love too much.”
  • The famous Russian psychologist Natalya Pokatilova also has something to tell women how to become loved – “Technology of marriage”.
  • Nika Nabokova will tell that some women will be shocked by the book “In bed with your husband. Lover s Notes ”.
  • Steve Harvey has his own opinion – “You don t know anything about men.”
  • And John Gray has his own interesting theory, which is revealed in the scripture “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

Reading in itself is a useful activity that develops brain activity. And these books have a unique style, and time in the company of such a pleasant “interlocutor” flies by unnoticed.

Despite the fact that books on relationship psychology are recommended for women, men should also familiarize themselves with what the opposite sex thinks about them. This will allow you to look at yourself from the outside and draw some conclusions. The experience transmitted from the pages of books is priceless!

A dozen books that reveal the relationship between parties of the opposite sex

Recognized editions are collected in whole almanacs, which are based on the postulates of the psychology of women and men. The authors presented below have written works that are definitely recommended for reading.

John Gray

His book on the psychology of relationships between men and women is called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It is worth reading it to begin to understand each other. It shows that there is nothing behind the scandals but a bright and raging coloration. And the existing energy, which can reach the limit, does not lead to anything except destruction. And if you discern the desired cause of the discord, then there is no point in continuing it.

From the pages of the book, the author says that people take actions against their will or choose the wrong words. The reason lies in the gender difference – both men and women think differently.

The ideas presented form a single picture, and the reader concludes that it is not only women who suffer from a critical period in their lives. And if this book was studied by high school students, then the number of broken marriages would be minimal. You need to accept your partner as he is.

Review of the best books on the psychology of relationships between women and men

Gary Chapman

This writer can be considered a doctor in education and his book on the psychology of relationships is called “Five languages ​​of love.” In his opinion, the best means to understand each other are not ordinary phraseological units, but something more weighty:

  • words of encouragement;
  • time and attention;
  • gifts;
  • help;
  • touches.

Everyone knows the phrase “like a cat and a dog” and in the mentioned book it is a clear confirmation. After all, when people communicate with each other, it is not always possible to find a common language.

There are situations when a spouse needs emotional support, but instead, the beloved is preparing dinner, even if it is delicious. But it s enough to just walk up and express sympathy.

Another example: a woman just wants her loved one to be near, or to be with him herself, which charges her with positive energy. Daily bouquets cannot compensate for this. It is enough to do things together – go to the movies, lie side by side on the bed, etc.

Duet Liz Tucchilo with Greg Berendt

The psychology of relations between a man and a woman in the book “He Just Doesn t Like You: The Whole Truth About Men” under their authorship is expressed with a humorous bias. This is the beauty of the message to the readers, since it is impossible to convey in another way what reigns between partners. Less attention is paid to the topic “what is wrong with a partner”; it is, rather, a book that helps to plunge headlong into female psychology.

This edition well shows how the beautiful half of humanity does not want to admit in itself all the harsh truth, which is the essence of their character. And women, instead of admitting this, seek excuses for male actions. Why did he do this when he should have done otherwise ?! And in fact, who, if not a man, leads to a breakdown in relations, despite a strong character and a special mental attitude.

It is difficult for almost any woman or girl to admit this weak “sin”. This is the best book on the psychology of relationships, and therefore recommended for study by all beauties.

Stephen Harvey

This person lacks psychological education, which did not prevent him from creating a readable product that became popular with women. He is exactly the lucky one with 3 marriages and 2 divorces, with whom the article began. And the answer to the question is quite yes.

Stephen introduces readers in detail to male physiology, including what changes occur after 30 years, and what to expect at the age of half a century. The book is worth reading for every woman, if only in order to prevent routine in the relationship.

John Gottman

The publication “Seven Principles of a Happy Marriage” was created under his authorship. Also, this book about the psychology of relationships between men and women is known under a different name – “Map of Love”. John deserves the title of an expert in relationships, as he has a wealth of experience behind him – 10,000 couples of various levels of relationships, from a complete breakup to a family idyll.

In his work, the writer resorts to scientific style, that is, he is in search of simple answers. The main question is this: why does some people have a similar problem does not cause difficulties in finding an adequate solution, while the rest face an insurmountable obstacle?

The search for truth was not in vain, which was assisted not only by our own methods, but also by advice, psychological tests. For those men and women who want to melt the ice of misunderstanding with their halves, the creation of John Gottman is a must-read.

Often, books on the psychology of relationships that arouse interest and even delight in women are written by people who can keenly feel the mental organization of other people, especially the “weaker” sex. And he sometimes shows himself much stronger.

Alice Bowman

Her book “Long. Happily. Together ”describes in detail several years of marriage. The reader gets acquainted with the emerging problems, learns about what ways help to accept habits and become better in the eyes of a loved one.

The material is supported by autobiographical sketches and is able to convey everything that Alice herself felt. But there was a time when, out of despair, she was ready to break up with the relationship. However, before that, the author decided to try possible solutions, which she succeeded in.

Review of the best books on the psychology of relationships between women and men

The rest

Above are the book editions that deserve special attention. But to complete the whole picture and choose a worthy candidate, you should get acquainted with 4 more psychological books about relationships:

  • Alena Libina “Psychology of the modern woman”. The book is suitable for those who are experiencing the oppression of relationships and are unable to realize themselves as a person.
  • Vladimir Levy “Traumatology of Love”. The publication helps to show strength to the weaker sex, proving the opposite.
  • Andrey Kurpatov “Three main questions. Family happiness”. The work is recommended for reading for couples who have been married for several years. Sensitive issues are revealed here.
  • Igor Vagin “Basic Instinct”. Where, if not with the help of this book, you can get information in order to establish a sex life for the formation of warm relationships ?!

Three of the books on the list deal with women s self-esteem, and one is about sexual relations between partners.

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