Socionics: personality type mediator

Mediators are friendly and pleasant people. They are caring towards themselves and their loved ones. In collectives and in society he occupies the “golden mean”, tries to joke and cheer everyone up. He prefers to demonstrate cheerfulness and optimism, does not share his problems. And this is only a small part of the characteristics of the mediator type. In this article we will look at a more detailed description of this type.

Intelligence level

The mediator is very curious, but he gets the necessary knowledge superficially, since he does not like to go into details. He collects information through unverified sources of information – it is gossip, rumors or someone s opinion. He tries to take advantage of the opportunities that have appeared, but as soon as he encounters difficulties, his enthusiasm immediately disappears.


The mediator knows how to choose an activity to his liking, which will captivate and delight him. They know how to enjoy life, find positive moments and share this joy with others. Skillfully avoid quarrels and conflicts, as you are a peace-loving person. Adequately relate to the shortcomings of other people. They have a great sense of humor that is always in use.

Psychological characteristics

This personality type is sociable, friendly and has many friends. Such people like to rest with friends, they love to have fun. He hides his negative emotions from others; if a conflict arises, he actively tries to separate the conflicting people in different corners. He can easily organize group vacations, camping trips, excursions, going to the cinema, etc. Mediators are family people, they devote a lot of time to the family, and everything else will wait.

Weak sides

These people find it difficult to tolerate activity at work. They do not like when they are disturbed, at these moments they can answer something harsh. They are lazy if they do not see the benefits in their work. They prefer facts and evidence, otherwise they will not believe in your words. They do not like boring and lecture conversations, they avoid superiors. From such people, one should not expect constant business activity, organization in business, and defending their interests.

What is worth working on?

  • Don t be afraid to waste your energy on socially useful things.

  • Try to be forward-thinking about any situation.

  • Be careful with your promises.

  • Plan and be consistent in your decisions.

  • Bring the work started to the end.

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