Socionics status in modern science

Socionics is a classification of personality typologies based on C. Jung s theory and A. Kempinsky s informational metabolism. Socionics as a science emerged in the late 1970s. The author of this direction is considered to be Aushra Augustinavichiute. Currently, many scientists refer to socionics as pseudosciences. Let s see why scientists have such an attitude towards socionics.

Why is socionics considered a pseudoscience?

The main point for doubting socionics as a science is the absence of its theory. In various sources it is only written that all socionic teachings are based on the typology of K. Jung and the theory of A. Kempinsky.

In order for some direction to be called a science, it must have an object, subject and tasks. Socionics adherents can still give vague answers to these questions. But when it comes to an experiment, then no one can answer this question. Therefore, many scientists came to the conclusion that it simply was not carried out. And all the information that socionics tells is not scientifically proven.

In addition to these questions, psychologists and sociologists drew attention to the fact that the author of socionics has only an economic education. Lacking psychological and sociological knowledge, she conducted a study using the observation method, as a result of which she described 16 personality types. She called her teaching socionics and argued that it was a separate science.

In general, it is now clear why socionics is referred to as pseudosciences. Since science here is only the method of observation and the typology of K. Jung. And over time, A. Kempinsky s theory of information metabolism was also tied to this. This work hardly attracts research. And there is definitely nothing to talk about science here.

Where is socionics applied now?

Socionics is very popular nowadays. Why do you ask? The answer is simple, psychology as a science is very difficult for an ordinary person. To study it, you will have to make a lot of effort to understand the essence of this science. As for socionics, everything is very simple and banal there.

That is why socionics is so widespread and widely used. Socionics is actively used by marriage agencies, personnel departments, it is taught in some management courses, and is used by some psychologists. For fun or entertainment, you can try to explore yourself, but don t take the results seriously.


Currently socionics has the status of pseudoscience and is equivalent to astrology. There is no evidence that socionics is a full-fledged science. In modern psychology or sociology, this pseudoscience is bypassed. There are too many questions for this science, but unfortunately there are no answers to them.

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