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How and from whom you can get free psychological help online, the advantages of a psychologist at a distance

An online psychologist is a modern approach to solving modern problems. The specialist advises patients by video…

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What is the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist?

Most Russians, unlike Europeans or Americans, have a misconception about the importance and significance of psychological assistance….

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In what cases will a child psychologist help, and how to find a good specialist?

Many parents have experienced dramatic changes in their child s behavior. He ceases to trust adults, withdraws…

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What is clinical psychology and what does a clinical psychologist do?

Clinical psychology has not yet gained popularity in our country, although many universities train professionals. What this…

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Who and how can become a good and successful psychologist, where to start and how to reach heights?

People who are interested in learning the secrets of the human soul become specialists in the field…

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Who is a divorce psychologist and when should you contact him?

Divorce proceedings are fraught with many difficulties for both spouses and their children. According to statistics, 80%…

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When do you need and what kind of help does a family psychologist provide to couples?

The family psychologist profession appeared about sixty years ago. A family psychologist is a counselor who provides…

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When should you see a psychologist?

Many people do not understand why a psychologist is needed. After all, you can share your problems…

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When do you need a psychologist for a teenager and how to choose a competent specialist?

A teenage psychologist is a professional who specializes in teenage problems. Adolescence begins at 12-15 years. This…

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Useful tips of a psychologist for every day

Each person has an individual internal state, consisting of emotions, feelings and reflections. Starting from these components,…