Teach your child to express their opinions openly

Any parent wants his child to be able to stand up for himself, to openly express his opinion, to act correctly in certain situations. But how can this be achieved in the process of education? In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems. First, answer yourself the following questions: Do you care about the child s opinion? Do you take him seriously? Do you give an opportunity to show initiative, independence? If your answers are positive, then this is a good foundation. And if not, then you have the opportunity to fix everything!

Less control

Excessive control takes away from the child the ability to fulfill his desires. As they grow up, the child himself must decide which section he wants to go to, with whom he likes to communicate more, whether or not he will go to the school holiday. Thus, your baby begins to feel his responsibility, independence and seeks to solve his problems without the help of adults. If you have such trust, then, if necessary, the child himself will ask you for help or advice.

Let your child make their own decisions

Initially, it is very difficult for children to choose the right way of making decisions, since they do not quite know the rules of adulthood. But do not immediately tell how best to proceed. Allow your child to build several options for solutions, discuss them with him. If you see that the solution is not realistic, just use clarifying questions to nudge him towards the idea that this plan is not quite working.

For example, you can give your child the opportunity to choose where you go to spend the summer vacation. Having indicated the main selection criteria: a certain amount, the ability to travel directly, close to the beach, etc. Let him take up this matter with pleasure. You can simply watch this process and suggest reliable sites for search.

Play educational games

In order for the child to learn to form and defend his point of view, you can play various games with him. For example, come up with a complex story in which it is difficult to make a choice. Two patients were brought to the hospital: the first was a homeless person, the second was an ordinary average person – they both need an injection. But there was only one left, by the time the others were brought up it would be too late. Who should the doctor give the last injection?

And you can think of many such situations. Discuss their decisions with the child, ask clarifying questions, ask why he thinks anyway. But in this case, you should not put pressure on him and try to persuade him to do something. Treat your child s comments with respect. The same procedure can be done after watching a movie. Discuss the behavior of a specific character.

Develop self-esteem in your child

Self-respect is the ability to stand up for oneself, defend one s point of view, rejection of the masks of hypocrisy, honesty first of all with oneself, the ability to take responsibility for one s actions. Thus, your child will live in the present, build on his needs and desires.

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