Technical professions: perspectives of choice

Professions of the “man-technician” type are aimed at technical objects, they are associated with the maintenance, repair, assembly and management of technical means. If you have excellent knowledge in the field of mathematics, physics, and drawing, then this type of profession is suitable for you. From this article you will learn what professions belong to the type “person – technology”, what personal characteristics, knowledge and skills a specialist should have.

Personal characteristics of a specialist

  • Good imagination;
  • Ability to think logically;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Good fine motor skills;
  • A responsibility;
  • Accuracy.

Professional characteristics of a specialist

  1. Accuracy of actions, since for the sake of safety and good work results, specialists need to follow a clear action plan;
  2. Mechanical thinking, helps to understand new mechanisms or improve old ones;
  3. Ingenuity, the technical industry is constantly evolving, so new, creative ideas are required from specialists;
  4. Physical endurance, since physical efforts are required to work with some devices;
  5. The ability to quickly make important decisions, for example, in emergency situations, it is necessary to react quickly in order to get out of this situation without any special losses.

    Benefits of professions

    • High profit payment;
    • Demand for professions;
    • Job prospects abroad;
    • It is possible to combine work with study.
    • Expressed abilities
    • Emotional stability;
    • Propensity for technical sciences;
    • Interest in practical work;
    • Developed spatial thinking.

    Medical contraindications

    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
    • Attention disorder;
    • Diseases of the organs of vision;
    • Mental disorders.

    Occupational risks

    • High responsibility;
    • Danger of injury;
    • Irregular work schedule;
    • High risk of acquiring occupational diseases.


    External requirements for the employee

    Many representatives of this type of profession wear overalls, as they are specially designed for the convenience and safety of the employee.

    List of possible professions

    Professions of the “man – technology” type are divided into two classes: creative and executive.

    In creative professions, employees are expected to show ingenuity, creativity and are open to innovative ideas. These professions include robotics, architect, seamstress, engineer.

    Executors are required to be precise, strictly follow instructions and prescribed rules. As an example, such professions can act as: builder, machinist, pilot, bricklayer, auto mechanic.

    Work tasks of specialists

    1. The mining and processing of minerals is carried out by a miner, a miner, a technician – a geophysicist, a drifter;
    2. The technologist, cook, baker are responsible for the processing of agricultural products;
    3. Metallurgist, steelmaker, welder, grinder, milling machine produce and process metal products;
    4. Repair engineer, mechanic, fitter-repairman are responsible for the operation of the production equipment;
    5. The professions associated with transport management include driver, pilot, machinist;
    6. The repair of electrical equipment is carried out by a mechanic, electrician;
    7. Masons, plasterers – painters, electricians, builders, installers are engaged in assembly work, construction and repair of office and residential premises.

      Job search methods

      There are many options for finding a job, you can contact the employment center, look for vacancies on the Internet on job sites, look for ads in newspapers, or purposefully go to work in the desired company. But it should be borne in mind that some specialists of this type of professions have seasonal jobs, for example, for builders, the season of work begins in spring and ends in autumn.

      work experience

      The employer has no particular requirements for work experience, the main thing is that you have the relevant documents. If you have no work experience, then you will be accepted as an assistant and will entrust you with simple work. The most important thing is to have professional knowledge.

      Place of work and the possibility of combining with studies

      Work takes place offline at construction sites, in a workshop or directly in transport. If you really want to, you can combine work with study, as it involves the completion of specific tasks, dismantling in 2 days, sewing curtains to that date, making a diagnosis of the machine in a couple of hours.

      Perspectives of professions of the type “man – technology”

      Professions of this type include a large list of specialist areas of activity.

      Electricity industry. This direction is very important in our life, since without it the work of other areas is impossible. Specialists working in this industry are in great demand at the moment.

      Fuel industry. Fuel is an indispensable resource for uninterrupted heat supply. Therefore, competent professionals in the coal and oil and gas sectors will be in demand in this area for many decades to come.

      Automotive industry. There is no need to explain to anyone that people have always had and will have a need for transport for many years to come. Consequently, the development prospects of specialists who work in this area are endless.

      If you want to choose a profession from this area, you can be sure that it will be in demand for many more years, is worthy of remuneration and is of great benefit to humanity.

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