Test for a psychological portrait of a personality, features and nuances of conducting

The study of personality traits, character helps to regulate human behavior in certain situations, to establish relationships with others, to live in harmony with oneself, to learn to be successful and happy. This will help the test for a psychological portrait of a personality. Psychologists compose it on the basis of generalized statistical data, which make it possible to determine the type of temperament, features of emotional response, the level of self-control, and the communicative qualities of an individual.

Who is interested in the psychological portrait test?

Successful social adaptation, the ability to properly respond to conflict situations, control of the level of anxiety and stress resistance – all these indicators are important both for each person personally and for his immediate environment. The “psychological portrait” test will allow you to avoid communication problems, learn to regulate your own behavior and mood, and live in harmony with yourself.

Psychologists working with preschoolers carry out the “psychological portrait of a personality” test based on pictures, because in this way you can find out how comfortable a child will be with peers and adults in kindergarten, how quickly he will be able to adapt to a new environment.

Employees of human resources services almost always offer the applicant for a vacancy to pass a test for a psychological portrait of a personality in order to identify the level of psychological resistance to stressful situations, sociability, the ability to bring what has been started to the end, and adequate behavior in society.

Police officers also have to test psychological personality traits. The study of the results determines the suspect s propensity for antisocial behavior, the nature and life priorities, which may have led to the commission of the crime.

Anyone will be interested in learning a little more about themselves. Therefore, the heading “my psychological profile” is guaranteed to make you want to be tested. It is easy to identify personality traits – there are many similar questionnaires and tests with pictures on the Internet. To get the most accurate results when taking the test, follow the rules.

Nuances of testing

When compiling a psychological portrait of a person online, several conditions must be observed:

  • answer the question immediately, without hesitation;
  • you cannot change the order of questions if this condition is not specified at the beginning;
  • do not lie when answering, otherwise the results will turn out to be incorrect;
  • it is impossible to predict which answer is correct, the personal opinion of the test taker is important;
  • it is advisable to immerse yourself in the situation described by the question completely;
  • start testing in good health and mood.

The results of the survey can surprise and sometimes consider yourself from the outside But it is the test “psychological portrait of personality” that will reveal the temperament and character of a person.

IMPORTANT! Informational article! Before use, you must consult with a specialist.

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