The best family psychology books everyone should read

A strong family is the foundation that energizes and provides support. Harmony in relations between spouses is quite often violated by conflicts based on misunderstanding. It is not always possible to overcome difficulties in family relationships on your own, so books on family psychology are ideal for those who need help.

Based on critical comments and positive feedback from readers, a list of the best books on family psychology has been compiled.

Andrey Kurpatov “Conflicts in the family”

One of the most famous psychotherapists writes about the psychology of family relationships, reveals the secrets of a happy life in marriage in the book “Conflicts in the Family.” He describes the many conflict situations that most married couples have. Problems arising from jealousy, frequent use of alcohol by one of the spouses, lack of satisfaction in bed or a difficult financial situation are completely solvable.

The main thing is to find the cause of their appearance, to try to eliminate it together. In his book, the author describes the sequence of actions that spouses should adhere to in working on themselves. Difficulties in relationships can be overcome not only if there is a desire to be happy, but also by making every effort.

Alice Bowman “Happily Long After Together”

A popular American writer and journalist, in this book on the psychology of family relationships, gives advice to couples who want to protect their marriage from serious problems, to extend the romantic relationship of the initial stage of dating for life. Alice Bowman herself had to face the difficulties of family relationships. The woman was on the verge of divorce from her husband, and it seemed to her that it was impossible to fall in love with the person for whom you sometimes feel hatred again.

Nevertheless, having pulled themselves together, the couple found the strength to resolve the difficulties of mutual understanding and saved the family. The author s universal recommendations help to resume relationships that are fading away from everyday worries, to prevent a breakup.

Natalya Tolstaya “Secrets for men to learn before living happily ever after”

Misunderstandings that arise between spouses quite often lead to disappointment, resentment, delusion, and mistakes. One of the main reasons for misunderstandings in family life is the specificity of the thinking process of the male and female brains. A man, committing an act, does not think that his wife can interpret his actions in a completely different way.

The same thing happens with women. A certified psychologist, writer Natalya Tolstaya, in the pages of her book on family psychology for women, helps the fairer sex to understand the vision of problems related to intimate family issues from a male point of view.

Allan and Barbara Pease “Why Men Lie and Women Roar”

Discussing the life priorities, needs, and distinctive communication abilities of men and women, without disregarding the structure of the brain, the famous pair of psychologists explains to the reader the peculiarities of the attitude towards family life of representatives of different genders.

Men, by nature, cannot live without lies. Almost 75% of representatives of the strong half of humanity lie to their wives, not realizing that women quickly understand this. Against the background of this, the spouses make scandals, but at the same time, they do not bother themselves with a clear statement of the reason for their dissatisfaction. Assuming the husband understands the problem. Men in most cases perceive such scandals as another irritation for no apparent reason. The couple are quarreling. The problem is solved quite simply: instead of tears and scandal, a wise woman will naturally re-educate her man, so he quickly realizes his mistakes, wrong.

Using such examples, considering the differences between the feminine and masculine essence, the authors lead the reader to the idea – happy relationships in the family are based on understanding and respect. Spouses, striving to live in peace and harmony, should perceive the shortcomings of their beloved, be able to forgive mistakes.

Erich Fromm “The Art of Love”

In his literary work on family psychology, Erich Fromm touches on the main feeling on which family relationships are built – love. From a philosophical point of view, the author examines the concept of this word, the meaning of love in the lives of men and women. Erich Fromm shows readers that understanding the essence of this feeling plays an important role in relationships.

Everyone is free to choose: to love, showing concern, being interested in the problems of their half, or to associate this feeling with constant control over the actions of the spouse, receiving satisfaction from this, not paying attention to the state of mind, the occurrence of problems in the relationship. Life examples given by the author make it possible to understand how to preserve love, the inner unity of spouses in marriage until the end of their days.

Vladimir Levy “Family Wars”

On the pages of the book, each of the readers will be able to find at least one of the stories given by the author that happened in his family life. While reading, a person looks at himself from the side, notices the mistakes made and begins to comprehend the ways to correct them. Vladimir Levy s advice helps to cope with missteps by eliminating problems in family relationships. The book will teach readers to value their partners, to treat with respect and understanding to the soul mate, to stay together, despite all kinds of difficulties, temporary disagreements that impede the peace of mind of the spouses and cloudless happiness in marriage.

The best family psychology books everyone should read

Larisa Surkova “Family. It s great for us to be together. “

A family psychologist examines in his book on family psychology topical issues, common problems that spouses face. The author gives readers advice to help men understand the hidden desires of women and vice versa. Using ordinary examples, the author explains to readers what each partner expects from family relationships.

Larisa Surkova offers several options for psychological trainings to avoid the separation of spouses from each other after the birth of a child. Quite simple daily exercises will allow the husband and wife to reduce quarrels and conflict family situations to a minimum, teach them to look at life in marriage with optimism, and understand each other better. Mutual understanding between spouses is the key to a long and happy family life.

Gary Chapman “Five languages ​​of love. How to Express Love to Your Companion “

The book on family psychology written by this author is among the works that are worth reading for people who have just started a relationship, and for spouses who have been married for a long time. It sets out the essence of the relationship between a man and a woman in an understandable language. Gary Chapman identifies five ways to show love. Having familiarized themselves with them, each reader will learn to identify the needs of his partner, to better understand him. Armed with knowledge, a spouse or spouse will be able to improve relationships, returning their former passion, ardent feelings. For those inexperienced in family relationships, the book will help create a strong family, avoid major troubles and conflicts.

Virginia Satir “You and your family. Personal Growth Guide “

Reading this book will benefit men and women with relationship difficulties. The author resorts to associative examples: the knowledge of the captain of the ship about the presence of the underwater part of the iceberg enables him to bypass the obstacle without risking the life of the crew, and the understanding of the spouses of each other s needs and desires helps to live in peace and harmony.

A practicing American psychotherapist helps people understand how their relationship develops, and what pitfalls can hinder the happiness of spouses. Virginia Satir s recommendations allow readers, together with partners, to achieve mutual understanding and create a happy family on their own.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend “Two: How to Save a Family Boat”

The authors recommendations provide support to married couples on the verge of divorce. Working as psychologists for decades, Henry Cloud and John Townsend managed to save many marriages from rupture. The ordinariness of everyday life often leads to a cooling of the once raging passion between lovers. This leads to detachment, the husband and wife begin to notice even minor flaws that greatly annoy them. Partners are moving away more and more, starting to change. The book provides an opportunity to look at the conflict from the outside and find ways to resolve it.

In the life of all families, there are moments that break the idyll. Some couples don t immediately realize that their happiness together is on the brink of disaster. Finding problems early and seeking help in time can help prevent the loss of a loved one.

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