The main mistakes of single women

Everyone has a friend or colleague who is very pretty, stately, feminine. She is doing well with her career, she goes in for sports, cooks well, she has a competent speech. In general, it is very pleasant to be in the same company with her, but she is alone. Why is this happening? It is easy for someone to find their person and build a family, but someone still cannot find their love. The answer lies in the basic mistakes that single women make.


Women who demonstrate their independence greatly intimidate men. They don t want to feel hurt or less weak. At the beginning of a relationship, you need to let your man groom you. Pay for dinner, give a ride home, give flowers.

Excessive requirements

In films, books, men are too idealized. Mothers read fairy tales about princes to their daughters, tell them what an ideal man should be. But unfortunately, in reality, everything does not work like that. You need to understand that there are no ideal men, just like women. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you don t have to sit back and wait for a rich prince to pick you up. You need to act, get out of the house more often, go to interesting places, make acquaintances and enjoy life. Then, with a high probability, you will be able to meet an interesting young man.


At the beginning of a relationship, the initiative must come from both partners. If you have an offer to go somewhere, voice it, do not expect your partner to take over the entire entertainment program. When the two of you participate in this, communication becomes more lively, interesting and easy. If an adult woman demonstrates passivity, then a man may think that in bed she is just as not energetic, boring.

Lack of depth

There are women who don t know themselves. They are used to doing what others need to do (go to work, theater, gym, cook deliciously). But these cases do not evoke positive emotions in them. Such women are attracted, but not carried away – they do not have that very “zest”. Inside they are empty and lost.

Fear of love

Single women are afraid of falling in love and not receiving reciprocity. After all, everyone knows what kind of unrequited love it is. Some are sure that they will become attached to a partner, and then he will definitely leave them. And she will end up with a broken heart. After all, out of love, many commit stupid things, and she is already an adult, her stupidity is not forgivable.

Meeting girlfriends

Many girls, having met a young man, rush and begin to introduce him to their friends. Unaware that someone can compete. But in life there are many situations when a young man gets accustomed to a friend or vice versa. And as a result, you are overboard.


Quite often, quarrels between couples arise from misunderstandings. For example, you are sure that the guy should pick you up after work or take you to the train station. Naturally, you do not tell him about this, but wait for such behavior in silence. And when this does not happen, you throw complaints at him. And he does not understand your resentment. It should be borne in mind that you were brought up in different families, grew up in different places, and what is normal in one family may cause confusion in another.

In this article, we have reflected the main mistakes. In fact, there are a lot of them, and if you want to know about your own, you can ask your friends for advice. After all, from the outside it is better to see or go to a specialist, he will be able to give you a detailed analysis of your situation.

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